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Bill Watterson's comic strip "Calvin and Hobbes" was translated into many different languages, and a substantial portion of the newspapers that carried it ran outside of the United States, where the strip was set. "Calvin and Hobbes" strips are distributed in different formats in different countries. For example, in many areas it is distributed in a more "traditional" comic book format, that is, in a magazine-like paperback with fewer comics per publication. Also, some publishers recolored Watterson's artwork; in the "Tenth Anniversary Book," he notes that he rarely found the results satisfactory.

In some languages the characters Calvin and Hobbes were given different names. The following is an "attested" list of translations, not all of which have been verified.

* Belarusian: "Kalfin i Gopsya"
* Chinese: "Kaiwen u Hobo"
* Danish: "Steen og Stoffer"
* Dutch: "Casper en Hobbes"
* Finnish: " [ Lassi ja Leevi] " (after Lars Levi Læstadius) and also "Paavo ja Elvis" (when published in Ilta-Sanomat)
* French: " [ Calvin et Hobbes] "
* German: " [ Calvin & Hobbes] "
* Hebrew: "Calvin veh Hobbes"
* Hungarian: "Kázmér és Huba"
* Icelandic: "Kalli og Hobbi"
* Italian: " [ Calvin e Hobbes] "
* Japanese: "karubin to hobbusu"
* Korean: "Calbin gwaah hobs"
* Indonesian: "Khalvinne dan Hobbes"
* Norwegian: "Tommy og Tigern" (which means "Tommy and (the) Tiger")
* Polish: "Calvin i Hobbes". Some newspaper translations used also names "Kelvin & Celsjusz" (after the Kelvin and Celsius temperature scales) and "Kalwin i Hops" (Hops is both attempt at phonetic approximation of Hobbes' name, and onomatopoeia meaning 'jump').
* Portuguese: "Calvin & Hobbes" in Portugal and "Calvin e Haroldo" in Brazil
* Russian: "Kolya i Hobbie"
* Serbian: "Kalvin i Hobs"
* Slovenian: "Gasper in Hops"
* Spanish: "Calvin y Hobbes"
* Swedish: "Kalle och Hobbe"
* Turkish: "Kalvin ve Hobs"

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* [ Calvin and Hobbes in other countries]
* [ "Pays par pays"] from [ "Calvin et Hobbes sur Altunis"] (in French)

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