List of Iraq War documentaries

This is a list of Iraq war related documentaries.
* "We Iraqis"
* "Back to Babylon (film)"
* " (2004)"
* " (2005)"
* "The Dreams of Sparrows (2005)
* "In the Shadow of the Palms (2005)"
* "American Soldiers (2005)
* "Baghdad ER (HBO) (2006)
* "The Corporal's Boots (2006)
* "The War Tapes (2006)"
* "Iraq for Sale (2006)"
* "The Ground Truth (2006)"
* "My Country, My Country (2006)"
* "When I Came Home (2006)"
* "I Am an American Soldier (2007)"
* "Buying the War (2007)"
* "No End in Sight (2007)"
* "Year at Danger (2007)"
* "Fighting for Life (2008)"
* "Changing Us (2008)"

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