Fuzz may refer to:
*Vellus, a type of short, fine body hair on an animal
*Tomentum, a filamentous hairlike growth on a plant
*Focus (optics), a blur effect
*Fuzzbox, an electric guitar distortion effect
*A derogatory slang term for the police
*FuzzBuster, a brand of radar detector
*Fuzz (music company), a music label, artist promotion platform, and music community.
*The Fuzz (band), a 1970s music group

Mathematics and computer science

*Fuzz testing, a software testing technique
*Fuzzy associative matrix, an expression of fuzzy logic rules in matrix form
*Fuzzy Control Language, FCL, a language for implementing fuzzy logic
*Fuzzy control system, a controller which uses fuzzy logic
*Fuzzy mathematics, a fuzzy mathematics
*Fuzzy measure theory, a special class of measures.
*Fuzzy logic, an extension of Boolean logic dealing with the concept of partial truth
*Fuzzy game, a concept in combinatorial game theory
*Fuzzy set, an extension of the classical set theory used in fuzzy logic
*Fuzzy set operations, a set of operations performed on fuzzy sets
*Fuzzy string searching, an approximate string searching algorithm
*Fuzzy math, in the United States, the name given to the reformed method of teaching mathematics in school. Also used as a euphemism in the 2000 Presidential Election.

Arts and entertainment

*Fuzz club, a Sheffield rock night
*Fuzzy dice, an automotive decoration
*Fuzzy Duck, a drinking game
*Fuzzy felt, a toy
*Fuzzy (video game character), a enemy from the video game Music
* "Fuzzy (album)", a 1993 album by Grant Lee Buffalo
*"Fuzzy Logic (album)", an album by Super Furry AnimalsComics, Children's books and films
*Fuzzy, a fictional furry extraterrestrial
*Fuzzy, a 1990s Boston-based new-wave band
*"Fuzzy Knights", a comic strip
*"Get Fuzzy" comics
*"Sam and Fuzzy", a comic stripPolice/Crime films
*"Fuzz (film)", 1972
*Hot Fuzz, a 2007 cop film starring Simon Pegg.


*Fuzzy Haskins, singer and guitarist for Parliament-Funkadelic
*María Fernanda Malo, aka Fuzz, a Mexican actress
*Fuzz Scoota, a Detroit-based underground rapper
*Fuzzy Wuzzy
*Mark Ronson, Mark 'The Fuzz' Ronson
*Fuzzy wuzzy angels, a group of Papua New Guinean people
*Fuzzy Zoeller, golfer
*Steve "Fuzz" Kmak, former bassist for Disturbed
*James "Fuzz" San Giovanni of Deep Banana Blackout
*Jeffrey "Fuzz" Reichman
*Robert "Fuzz" Townshend, drummer
*Fuzzy, vocalist of Fuzzy and BF of Lisa
*Faustina "Fuzzy" Agolley, host of Australian TV show "Video Hits".

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