West Virginia Democratic primary, 2008

The 2008 West Virginia Democratic primary took place on May 13, 2008 with polls closing at 7:30 p.m. EST. It was open to Democrats and Independents. There are 28 delegates who were awarded on a proportional basis and 11 "superdelegates", three of whom have announced support for Sen. Hillary Clinton (DNC Members Marie Prezioso, Pat Maroney, and Belinda Biafore), while three have endorsed Sen. Barack Obama (Rep. Nick Rahall, Sen. Jay Rockefeller, and Sen. Robert C. Byrd). [cite web |url= http://innovation.cq.com/primaries?tab=2|title= CQ Politics Primary Guide|accessdate=2008-02-20 |work= CQ Politics]


As of May 4, 2008, opinion polling showed Sen. Hillary Clinton holding a 56% to 27% lead over Sen. Barack Obama, with 17% undecided. [cite web |title=West Virginia Democratic Presidential Primary |url=http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/election_20082/2008_presidential_election/west_virginia/west_virginia_democratic_presidential_primary |publisher=RasmussenReports.com |date=2008-05-04 |accessdate=2008-05-13]


Primary date: May 13, 2008

National pledged delegates determined: 28

{| border="1" cellpadding="4" cellspacing="0" style="margin: 1em 1em 1em 0; font-size: 95%; text-align:right;"
-bgcolor="#EEEEEE" align="center"! colspan="4" | West Virginia Democratic presidential primary, 2008 [cite web |title=WVSOS - ENRS State Wide Results |publisher=West Virginia Secretary of State |url=http://www.wvvotes3.com/results-statewide.php |date=2008-05-14 |accessdate=2008-05-14]
-bgcolor="#EEEEEE" align="center"! style="width: 17em"| Candidate! style="width: 5em"| Votes! style="width: 7em"| Percentage! style="width: 5em"| Delegatescite web |url=http://www.thegreenpapers.com/P08/WV-D.phtml |title=The Green Papers: West Virginia Democrat |publisher=The Green Papers |date=2008-05-13 |accessdate=2008-05-13]
align="left"| Hillary Clinton
align="left"| Barack Obama
align="left"| "John Edwards"

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* [http://www.wvsos.com/elections/Returns/ReturnsSearch.asp WV Secretary of State - Election Returns]

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