District of Columbia Democratic primary, 2008

District of Columbia Democratic Primary, 2008
Washington, D.C.
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February 12, 2008 (2008-02-12)

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Nominee Barack Obama Hillary Rodham Clinton
Party Democratic Democratic
Home state Illinois New York
Popular vote 93,386 29,470
Percentage 75.31% 23.77%
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Republican: 2008

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The District of Columbia Democratic Presidential Primary took place on February 12, 2008, nicknamed the "Potomac Primary" because Maryland and Virginia, which border the Potomac River, also held Democratic primaries that day.[1] Fifteen delegates were up for grabs in the District of Columbia Democratic Primary, including 10 delegates from the District of Columbia's municipal subdivisions (five delegates for Wards 1-4, and five delegates for Wards 5-8). An additional five delegates were awarded to the at-large winner, Barack Obama. These 15 delegates represented the District of Columbia at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado. A total of 24 unpledged delegates, known as superdelegates, also attended the convention and cast their votes as well.

Barack Obama received the endorsements of Mayor Adrian Fenty and former Mayor Marion Barry (both African Americans), while he and Hillary Clinton were both endorsed by various members on the District of Columbia City Council.[2] Barack Obama won the District of Columbia, as he did the other Potomac contests that day. He earned 12 pledged delegates to Clinton's 3.[3][4]




District of Columbia Democratic Presidential Primary Results – 2008
Party Candidate Votes Percentage Delegates
Democratic Barack Obama 93,386 75.31% 12
Democratic Hillary Rodham Clinton 29,470 23.77% 3
Democratic John Edwards 347 0.28% 0
Democratic Uncommitted 339 0.27% 0
Democratic Dennis Kucinich 193 0.16% 0
Democratic Bill Richardson 145 0.12% 0
Democratic Write-ins 114 0.09% 0
Totals 123,994 100.00% 15
Voter turnout  %


The District of Columbia is majority-African American, a voting bloc that consistently backed Barack Obama nationwide. The District also includes highly educated and upper-middle class White professionals who tend to be relatively progressive/liberal, another segment of the population that often backed Obama.

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