Zhang Hongfan

Zhang Hongfan

Zhang Hongfan (zh-cpw|c=张弘範|p=Zhāng Hóngfàn|w=Chang Hung-fan; 1238 – 1280), was a Han ChineseJay, 594.] general of the Yuan Dynasty in China. He annihilated the Southern Song by crushing the last Song resistance in Battle of Yamen in 1279. He is also known for capturing the Song loyalist Wen Tianxiang (1236–1283).Jay, 592.]

Though some later books and retellings claim that Zhang was a traitor who turned against the Song Dynasty, this is not historically accurate. Zhang had never been part of the Song Dynasty. Some historians claim that Zhang was related to Zhang Shijie, a Song general who was drowned in battle against the Yuan.

Deng Guangjian, a fellow townsman of Wen Tianxiang, was the tutor to Zhang Hongfan's family after he was rescued from attempting to drown himself at the Battle of Yamen in March 1279. In his biography of Wen Tianxiang, Deng Guangjian describes Zhang Hongfan as courteous and friendly towards Wen after his capture. On his deathbed, Zhang had also pleaded to the Yuan Emperor Kublai Khan to spare the life of Wen Tianxiang. Aside from these descriptions in Wen's biography, Deng also wrote a preface to Zhang's various collected writings.



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