Random (disambiguation)

Random can refer to:
* Randomness, the property of lacking any sort of order

cience and technology

* Random number
* Random variable
* Statistical randomness
* /dev/random, a Unix device file
* "See also"


* Random Lake, Wisconsin
* Random Island, Canada
* The former name of Brighton, Vermont


* Random (musician)
* Random (band)
* Random (Lady Sovereign song), a song by Lady Sovereign
* Random Number Generation (song)


* Robert Random, a Canadian actor
* Random (comics), a fictional character in the Marvel Universe
* Random, Prince of Amber, in the novels of Roger Zelazny
* Random Frequent Flyer Dent, the daughter of Arthur Dent in the "Hitchhikers Guide" book "Mostly Harmless"
* Random House, Book Publisher

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