Soekarno M. Noer

Soekarno M. Noer

Soekarno M. Noer (September 13 1931 - July 26 1986) was born in Tebing Tinggi, North Sumatra. He was a prominent Indonesian actor and film producer. He acted in 118 films and dramas. In 1953, he started his career in theater with the work "Runtuhan". He was chosen best actor in Indonesian Film Festival for his roles "Anakku Sajang" (1960), "Dibalik Tjahaja Gemerlapan" (1967), and "Kemelut Hidup" (1979). In 1970, he founded PT Kartika Binaprama but produced only one title "Honey Money and Djakarta Fair". In 1974, he was selected as chairman in Associate of Indonesian Film Artist (Parfi).

He is married to Lily Istiarti and they have six children. Three of the six children followed in his footsteps and became actors, Rano Karno, Suti Karno and Tino Karno. He and his children founded Karno's Film which success launched Si Doel Anak Sekolahan.


* Tjorak Dunia (1955)
* Sri Kustinah (1956)
* Air Mata Ibu (1957)
* Tjambuk Api (1958)
* Korban Fitnah (1959)
* Istana yang Hilang (1960)
* Pagar Kawat Berduri (1961)
* Anak-anak Revolusi (1964)
* Liburan Seniman (1965)
* Jampang Mencari Naga Hitam (1969)
* Si Gondrong (1970)
* Lewat Tengah Malam (1971)
* Mama (1972)
* Lingkaran Setan (1973)
* Senyum Di Pagi Bulan Desember (1974)
* Tengkorak Hitam (1978)
* Oma Irama Santai (1979)

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