Aerosol paint

Aerosol paint (spray paint) – Paint in a sealed pressurized container that is released in a fine spray mist when depressing a valve button located on the top of the can. When applied correctly, aerosol paint leaves a smooth, evenly coated surface, unlike many rolled or brushed paints. Standard sized cans are portable, inexpensive and easy to store . Aerosol primer can be applied directly to bare metal and many plastics.


In 1949, Edward Seymour added paint to existing aerosol can technology at his wife, Bonnie's suggestion. Initially designed to demonstrate his aluminum paint, the delivery system itself was instantly popular. Seymour of Sycamore, Inc. still produces aerosol spray paints to this day.

Most Aerosol paints also have a metal, glass or plastic ball called a pea inside of the can, which is used to stir (mix) the paint without touching it.


Commercial, Industrial and Consumer Uses

Most brands include a wide variety of paints, including primers, heat and traffic resistant enamels, gloss and matte finishes, metallic colors, and textured paints for home decor.

Acrylic-based craft primers can be used on plastics like models or miniatures.


Major industrial and commercial brands include::Champion-Sprayon, Krylon, Rust-Oleum, Plasti-kote, Dupli-color, SOPPEC, and Spray Products

Graffiti & Street Art Uses

Speed, portability and permanence also make aerosol paint a common graffiti medium. In the 1970s, graffiti writers' signatures and murals became more elaborate and a unique style developed as a factor of the aerosol medium and the speed required for illicit work. Many now recognize graffiti and street art as a unique art form and specifically manufactured aerosol paints are made for the graffiti artist.

Graffiti artist paints tend to be more expensive, but have a wider selection of rich colors, are thicker and less likely to drip. They are produced in standard high pressure cans for fast, thick coverage and lower pressure cans for more control and flexibility. Most art brand paints have 2 or 3 mixing peas in a can. A wide array of actuators, or caps are available, from standard "skinny" caps to wider "fat" caps, as well as caps that control the softness or crispness of the spray. Calligraphy caps create fan spray instead of the standard round.

Major European street art brands include::Belton Molotow - Germany:Montana Colors or MTN - Spain:Montana Cans – Germany "(Motip Dupli manufacturer)":Monster Colors - UK:Sabotaz - Greece "(Cosmos Lac manufacturer)"


When aerosol paint is used, care must be taken to cover or mask areas where paint is not wanted. A stencil can be used to protect a surface except the specific shape that is to be painted. Stencils can be purchased as movable letters, ordered as professionally cut logos, or hand-cut by artists.

Stencils can be used multiple times for recognition and consistency. Official stencils can be used to quickly and clearly label objects, vehicles or locations. Graffiti writers can use stencils to quickly mark in busy places or leave recognizable tags over a large area. Stencil artists often use multiple colors, or create elaborate stencils that are works of art in themselves.

Illicit Use

, though most do not endorse illegal writing.

Like many household chemicals and aerosols, aerosol paint vapor and propellant can be misused as an inhalant.


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