Surajmal Misrana

Surajmal Misrana (also spelled Suryamal Misan ;1815-1863) was a poet from Bundi city of Rajasthan.Mukherjee, S. (1999, January). Dictionary of Indian Literature, One, Beginnings 1850. Orient Longman Ltd.] He hailed from Charan caste. He knew six languages and was a scholar of grammar, logic, history and politics. He wrote in Hindi, Pingal and Dingal. His important work includes Vansh Bhaskar, Vir Satsai, Balwant Vilas and Chhandomayush. Quote box
quote = "The boars lay waste the greenery, the elephants muddle the lake, While the lion is lost in his lioness' love oblivious of the stake
Don't be called now Simhas (lions), O Thankurs, while alien mercy you seek
Only those whose paws fell the elephants, are worth the name, not the meek"
source = --Suryamall Mishrancite book
title = A history of Indian literature
author=Sisir Kumar Das
date = 1991
publisher = Sahitya Akademi
isbn = 8172010060
width = 33%
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Surajmal Misan was a court poet in Bundi which was ruled by Chauhan dynasty. He undertook the work of Vans Bhaskar at the request of Maharaja Ramsingh. The word Vans means genealogy and Bhaskar means the Sun, hence Vans Bhaskar is intended to be a chronicler of Chauhan dynasty who claim to be originated from the Sun. He intended to write Vans Bhaskar in two volumes, and twelve part in analogy with the sun which has two solstice and twelve months in a year. However he left the work at 8th part of second volume because of the differences aroused with his patron, who became British protectorate while poet insisted to support Indian Rebellion of 1857. Encyclpopaedia of Indian Literature. [S.l.] : Sahitya Akademi, 1996.] His glorification of local heroes helped to develop the spirit of nationalization in Rajasthan.


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