Laurence is an English male given name and surname. A female given name with identical spelling exists in French.

In all cases it is derived from the Roman given name, Laurentius, which can mean either "from Laurentum" or "wreathed/crowned with laurel".

Given name

*Laurence Fishburne, Academy Award-nominated American actor
*Laurence Godfrey (archer), athlete from the United Kingdom
*Laurence Godfrey (physics lecturer), regular and controversial contributor to the Usenet newsgroups 'soc.culture.british' and 'soc.culture.canada'
*Laurence Harvey, Lithuanian-born actor
*Laurence McKeown, Provisional Irish Republican Army member
*Laurence Olivier, prolific British stage and screen actor and director
*Laurence Rochat, Swiss cross-country skier who has competed since 1996
*Laurence Tribe, American professor of constitutional law
*Laurence Tureaud, American actor, motivational speaker, wrestler, humanitarian, and bodyguard
*St Laurence O'Toole, or Lorcán Ua Tuathail, Irish Roman Catholic Saint


* Laurence of Canterbury, the second Archbishop of Canterbury
* John Zachariah Laurence, English ophthalmologist
* Stephen Laurence, American philosopher

ee also

* Larry
* Laurent
* Lawrence
* Saint-Laurent

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