Solar power in China

China has over 400 photovoltaic (PV) companies and produces approximately 18% of the photovoltaic products worldwide. [cite web
author=Dorn, Jonathan G.
title=Solar Cell Production Jumps 50 Percent in 2007
publisher=Earth Policy Institute
] These factories include the Wuxi Suntech Solar Energy Co., Ltd., which produces approximately 50 MW/year of solar cells and photovoltaic modules; the Yunnan Semi-conductor Parts Plant, which manufactures approximately 2 MW/year of mono-crystalline cells; the Baoding Yingli Solar Energy Modules Plant, which manufactures approximately 6 MW/year of polycrystalline cells and modules; the Shanghai Jiaoda Guofei Solar Energy Battery Factory, which produces approximately 1 MW/year of modules; and the Shanghai PV Science and Technology Co., Ltd., which produces approximately 5 MW/year of modules. [ [ Solar Energy Booming in China] ]

In 2007 China produced 1700 MW of solar panels, nearly half of the world production of 3800 MW, although 99% was exported. China has installed about 80 MW of photovoltaics. Solar water heating is used extensively, though. [ [ China's Big Push for Renewable Energy] ]


China is a large producer of polysilicon for use in solar panels around the world. A byproduct of the process is silicon tetrachloride, which is normally processed and recycled at a higher cost in the developed world, is often dumped by Chinese green startups. This substance is described as poisonous, polluting, and "like dynamite". These polluting polysilicon plants are said to be "the new dot-coms" in China. With proper recycling the polysilicon would cost $84,500 per ton, but the Chinese companies are making it at $21,000 to $56,000 a ton. [Washington Post. [ Solar Energy Firms Leave Waste Behind in China] . March 9, 2008.]

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