Network (mathematics)

In graph theory, a network is a digraph with weighted edges. These networks have become an especially useful concept in analysing the interaction between biology and mathematics. Using networks of all types; various applications based on the creativity of the mathematician along with their environment can be evaluated in all sorts of manners.Some may visualize networks in various contexts to feel the network which the nodes belong; creating an environment for the nodes to belong is essential to the mathematical evaluation and furthermore the mathemation belonging to the environment, just as the networks nodes.

Use of many space models to create the complexity of the environment is useful when analysing networks. Some examples could be linear, Cartesian, three dimensional, "n"-dimensional, along with models of expanding and contracting environments, furthermore with the growth or decay of the beings in the network, allow for the various types of situations to be modelled to the specifications of the problem.


* For a more formal mathematical description, see the article " [ Networking Opportunity] " by Ian Stewart in "Nature", Volume 427, Issue 6975, 2004.

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*Network theory
*Road coloring problem

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