Too Drunk to Fuck

Infobox Single
Name = Too Drunk to Fuck

Artist = Dead Kennedys
from Album =
B-side = "The Prey"
Released = start date|1981|5
Format = 7"
Recorded =
Genre = Hardcore punk
Surf punk
Length = 2:40
Label = Cherry Red
Writer = Jello Biafra
Producer =
Certification =
Last single = "Kill the Poor"
This single = "Too Drunk to Fuck"
Next single = "Nazi Punks Fuck Off!"

"Too Drunk to Fuck" was the fourth single by the Dead Kennedys. The record was released in May 1981 on Cherry Red Records with "The Prey" as the b-side. Both songs from this single are available on the rarities album "Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death" (1987).

The single reached Number 31 in the UK Singles Chart, [cite web | url = | title = Biography of Jello Biafra | date = 2001 | publisher = Alternative Tentacles | accessdate = 2005-02-19] although it was not stocked in some record shops because of its provocative title. It was the first UK Top 40 single to include the word "fuck" in its title. Not surprisingly, it was banned from Radio 1 airplay and "Top of the Pops" by the BBC. In chart listings, it was usually referred to as "Too Drunk To". When it reached the Top 40, presenter Tony Blackburn referred to it simply as "a record by the Dead Kennedys".Fact|date=April 2008

The song features a heavy surf rock/garage rock riff from guitarist East Bay Ray and satirical lyrics from Jello Biafra that paint a trenchant picture of an outrageous, moronic party; it was used in the 2003 "Angel" episode "Destiny" as driving music for punk vampire and heavy drinker Spike.

Licensing controversy

After the rest of the band were , they licensed "Too Drunk to Fuck" for use in the film "Grindhouse". Almost immediately, Biafra criticized his former bandmates, specifically citing the song (a cover by Nouvelle Vague) being used in a rape scene in the movie, saying "Some people will do anything for money." [cite web |url= |title=Jello Biafra condemns Dead Kennedys for licensing song to "Grindhouse" |accessdate=2007-03-21] The rest of the band responded in kind, challenging him to donate his share of the money to charity. [cite web |url= |title=Dead Kennedys respond to Jello Biafra regarding Grindhouse |accessdate=2007-03-21]

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