LifeClipper [cite news
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first = David
title = Beyond virtual reality
publisher = BBC News
date = 2005-04-22
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accessdate = 2007-09-28
] is an open air art project curated by the Basel-based artist [ Jan Torpus] in 2004, utilising a head-mounted display (HMD) system created by new media organisation Plug.In from off the shelf components. The individual parts are: Portable computer, head mounted display, video camera, mic, GPS sensor, compass and pressure sensors.

This project uses the technology of augmented reality, and has evolved into LifeClipper2, which continues as a research project on applied technology, supported by the [ University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland (Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz)] .

When moving around, the system uses GPS co-ordinates to trigger images for the user, so that they may look at an area of interest and have images of the past for example brought up in their display. Many users have described it like living in a movie.

At present this technology is limited to Basel, Switzerland although the creators Jan Torpus and Nikolas Neecke hope to bring it to other venues.


External links

* [ LifeClipper website]
* [ Plug.In website]
* [ Institut Design- und Kunstforschung IDK]

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