Invaders from Mars (Doctor Who audio)

Invaders from Mars (Doctor Who audio)

title=Invaders from Mars
series=Doctor Who
featuring=Eighth Doctor
Charley Pollard

writer=Mark Gatiss
director=Mark Gatiss
producer=Gary Russell
Jason Haigh-Ellery
executive_producer=Jacqueline Rayner
set_between="Minuet in Hell" and
"The Chimes of Midnight"
length=1 hour 34 mins
date=January 2002|

"Invaders from Mars" is a Big Finish Productions audio drama based on the long-running British science fiction television series "Doctor Who". This audio drama was later broadcast on BBC 7 in four weekly parts (starting on the 29th of October 2005) and was later rebroadcast on the same channel once more (beginning on the 19th of November 2006).


In Manhattan 1938, the Eighth Doctor and Charley meet a crooked gangster, a Russian spy, a sinister fifth columnist and Orson Welles. Welles's broadcast of "War of the Worlds" is just a story, but maybe there really are aliens at loose.


*The DoctorPaul McGann
*Charley PollardIndia Fisher
*Mouse — Ian Hallard
*Ellis — Mark Benton
*John HousemanJonathan Rigby
*Orson WellesDavid Benson
*Bix Biro — Paul Putner
*Don Chaney — Simon Pegg
*Glory Bee — Jessica Stevenson
*Cosmo Devine — John Arthur
*Winkler — Ian Hallard


*Mark Benton played conspiracy theorist Clive in "Rose".
*"The Invaders from Mars" was the original title for the 1970 Third Doctor story, "The Ambassadors of Death".
*In episode one, Houseman reads from the "War of the Worlds" radio play. Welles responds with: "Who wrote this crap? I certainly didn't write this crap." Houseman responds "You will, Orson, you will." This is a reference to a famous witticism by James McNeill Whistler, who said "You will, Oscar; you will" to Oscar Wilde when Wilde said "I wish I'd said that". This incident was dramatised in the "Oscar Wilde Sketch" in an episode of "Monty Python's Flying Circus".
*The radio ventriloquist mentioned several times during the play is Edgar Bergen, who was performing that night on the competing NBC Red Network along with his dummy, Charlie McCarthy.
*Don Chaney's name is a reference to horror actor Lon Chaney, his nickname is "Phantom" which is a reference to one of Lon Chaney's most famous film roles, The Phantom of the Opera; Bix Biro's name is a reference to the Bic and Biro. Cosmo Devine may be reference to determining what is in space.
*Jessica Stevenson and Simon Pegg (are the creators and stars of the television comedy "Spaced". Stevenson also has part in two episodes of the 2007 series of "Doctor Who" (entitled "Human Nature" and "The Family of Blood"), while Pegg appeared in "The Long Game".
*This is the first audio story to credit India Fisher as Charley on the front cover.
*Hadley Cantril's book on "The War of the Worlds" hoax was entitled "Invasion From Mars", which is similar to the title of this story.

Deliberate Errors

The first season of Eighth Doctor audios featured a number of deliberate errors:

*There were 48 States in the United States in 1938, not 49 as Chaney claims.
*The CIA was not established until 1947, almost nine years after the events portrayed here.
*Welles fails to recognise a Shakespearean quotation.
*Don Chaney claims to own a 1929 Lamborghini previously owned by Al Capone, but Lamborghinis did not exist until 1963.

The first two "mistakes" in this list were deliberate, intended to be examples of anti-time contamination.) The third was also deliberate, but was explained in The Time of the Daleks. The last was not deliberate but was later retconned to be another example of anti-time contamination.)

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