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Origin = Albany, Oregon, United States
Genre = Christian rock Alternative rock Experimental rock
Years_active = 2002–present
Label = BEC Recordings/Tooth & Nail Records
Associated_acts = The Send A Dream Too Late
URL = [http://www.fallingup777.com/ Falling Up Official Site]
Current_members = Jessy Ribordy Jeremy Miller Josh Shroy Daniel Hudleston
Past_members = Tom Cox A-Dub Michael Humphrey (DJ Wax Wizard) Joseph Kisselburgh Adam Taylor Micah Sannan

Falling Up is an American Experimental Alternative rock band signed to BEC Recordings. The band's name is derived from the first song they wrote, which refers to how imperfect people are, but how sufficient the grace of God is to compensate for it. In harmony with their name, their lyrics are heavily grace-themed.

Falling Up describes their musical style as "pash rock" [ [http://www.christianitytoday.com/music/artists/fallingup.html Falling Up - Christian Music Today ] ] , which includes alternative metal instrumentation and power pop vocals, with other varying influences such as alternative rock, ambient, and rapcore, comparable to Linkin Park and Incubus. [ [http://www.christianitytoday.com/music/reviews/2004/crashings.html Crashings - Falling Up ] ]


They debuted on February 24, 2004 with a 12-track album titled "Crashings". Produced by Aaron Sprinkle (Kutless, Anberlin), "Crashings" sold 3,396 units in its first week, which exceeded first-week sales by any other album in the history of BEC Recordings—incidentally, that record had been previously held by Kutless, who are friends of Falling Up from childhood. "Crashings" sold over 50,000 units by the end of 2004. Three songs from "Crashings"—"Broken Heart", "Escalates", and "Bittersweet"—all reached #1 on the Christian rock charts at [http://www.randr.com R&R] .

Their second album, "Dawn Escapes", was released on October 25, 2005 through BEC Recordings. Produced by Michael "Elvis" Baskette (Chevelle, Cold), the album, though more melodic and hard rock-driven as a whole, did not majorly deviate from the sound of "Crashings". "Dawn Escapes" pushed Falling Up's lifetime record sales to over 150,000 by the summer of 2006; guitarist Tom Cox left the band shortly after the album's release.

On September 12, 2006, Falling Up released "Exit Lights", an album featuring remixes of the band's biggest hits and the new song "Islander". Solomon Olds of Family Force 5, Thousand Foot Krutch's Trevor McNevan, and Randy Torres of Project 86 fame were among the artists who worked with Falling Up for the project. Guitarist Joseph Kisselburgh left the band in late 2006 to focus on his solo project, The Send, which released its debut album on Tooth & Nail Records in July 2007.

On the band's Myspace page, they announced the release date for their latest project, "Captiva." The album was released on October 2, 2007. The first single from this album is "Hotel Aquarium", which can be heard on the band's PureVolume and Myspace page, or purchased on iTunes. The band later also posted their second single "Goodnight Gravity" on PureVolume, followed by "How They Made Cameras," "Maps," and "A Guide to Marine Life." They have recently finished filming a music video for "Hotel Aquarium," which can now be seen on YouTube. Jessy has told music video network TVU that they plan to start recording a new album around September, with a release likely in December.

Band members Jessy and Josh have also started a side project under the name The River Empires, and are creating an album with the help of The Dear Hunter's Casey Crescenzo. As yet unnamed, it is planned for a 2008 release.

They have also recently announced on their Myspace page that they will be recording a new album in September 08 wich will be their "heaviest album yet".

They also mentioned in a recent blog that the album will be "more of an arrangement than just a record that is put together randomly" and one that "will not have 14 great songs in entirety, but just intriguing moments and sections". They've also let loose a name of one of the songs, which is to be titled "Lotus and Languorous".


Current members

* Jessy C. Ribordy - vocals, Keyboard, Guitar (2002-present)
* Jeremy Miller - Bass, Keyboard (live) (2002-present)
* Josh Shroy - drums (2002-present)
* Daniel Hudleston - Guitar (2008-present)

Former members

* Andrew-Dub - DJ, programming (2002-2003)
* Tom Cox - Guitar, vocals (2002-2005)
* Michael Humphrey (DJ Wax Wizard) - DJ, keys,(Key-J) programming (2003-2005)
* Joseph A. Kisselburgh - Guitar, vocals (2002-2006, now in The Send)
* Adam Taylor - Keyboard (2005-2007)
* Micah Sannan - Guitar (2005-2007, now in Disciple)



* Escalates (2004)
* Broken Heart (2004)
* Moonlit (2006)
* Hotel Aquarium (2008)

Guest Appearances

*Several of the band's songs have been on the X series of compilation albums under Tooth and Nail Records.

See also

* BEC Recordings
* Tooth & Nail Records


External links

* [http://fallingup777.com Falling Up the Official Site]
* [http://www.mypraize.com/Fallingup2u Falling up] at MyPraize
* [http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=739657847 Falling Up] at Facebook
* [http://www.fallingup.de.vu German Fansite]
* [http://www.patrolmag.com/index.php?id=86 Review: Falling Up, "Captiva"]

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