Driving licence in India

Driving licence in India
An Indian driving license. (from state of Gujarat)

Driving licences in India are issued by individual states. Each state has a "Regional Transport Authority or a Regional Transport Office (RTO) that issues licences. Usually the licence holder is authorized to drive within the state which issued it. However driving licence can be transferred for driving in another state or some licences are issued with an "All India Driving Permit". Minimum age limit is 18 years for all vehicles; however licence for motor cycle having engine capacity below 50cc (cubic capacity) have a minimum age limit of 16.


Conditions and tests

There are different categories in the license, such as,

"MC 50CC"(MotorCycle 50cc) is used to drive up to 50cc Motorcycle.

"MCW" (or) "MCWOG" (Motor Cycle WithOut Gear) license is used to drive motor cycle of capacity more than 50cc, but without gear. This license holder can drive moped, scooter and other motor cycles which do not have gear.

"MCWG" (or) "M/CYCL.WG" (Motor Cycle With Gear) license is used to drive all motorcycles such as moped, scooter, bikes with gear and heavy bikes with gear all over India. This is the highest category license for motorcycles in India. This license holder is fully allowed to drive motorcycles of all horse powers and all engine capacities. The motorcycles of engine capacities covering from 50 cc to unlimited cc come under this license category.

" LMV" (Light Motor Vehicle) License is issued to drive light motor vehicles like auto rickshaws, motor cars, jeep, taxi, three-wheeler delivery vans, etc.

"LMV-NT" (Light Motor Vehicle - Non Transport) license is used to drive light motor vehicles such as car, jeep, small vans for personal purposes, but not for commercial transportation.

"LMV-TR" (Light Motor Vehicle - Transport) is required to drive any light motor vehicles for commercial transportation and not valid for Heavy Motor Vehicles .

"HMV" (Heavy Motor Vehicle) can use to drive Heavy or Low Motor Vehicle 'OPEN LICENSE'. All India Driving Permit for Cars and Trucks".

Most of the legislation regarding licensing is done through the 'Rules of the Road Regulation' and the Motor Vehicle Act 1988.The driver of the vehicle should have the original copy of the driving license.He/she should have an additional Badge if he/she is driving a taxi or any other public transport vehicle.

Drivers have to appear for an oral test to get a learners license which is valid for 6 months.Drivers then have to pass a driving test to get the driver's license. In many states of India, a learner's license is granted after passing a written test and then if one passes the practical test, one receives a permanent license.


A police officer or any other official notified by the government can ask for the vehicle-related documents, and the driver should produce them within 24 hours at the police station (or the concerned department).

The law also permits the officials to seize the driving licence, and issue a temporary one for a specified time. The law also allows the state government to fix the amount of fines/jail terms for minor traffic violations, and who has the rights to enforce these rules.

Every driver's licence has an endorsement in their license. If the drivers does not follow the traffic rules or cause any fault, then a ticket will be issued and also the endorsement in the driver's license will be done. If the driver gets marked for all the endorsements, then it may lead to the maximum penalty of cancelling his driver's license.

Indian Driving License - Class & Vehicle Categories

  • LL : Learner License
  1. MCW (or) MCWOG : Motor Cycle Without Gear
  2. MCWG (or) M/CYCL.WG : Motor Cycle With Gear
  1. ARNT: Auto Rickshaw Non Transport
  2. ART: Auto Rickshaw Transport
  3. LMV-NT: Light Motor Vehicle - Non Transport
  4. LMV-T : Light Motor Vehicle - Transport
  5. MGV: Medium Goods Vehicle
  6. MPV: Medium Passenger Vehicle
  1. HGV: Heavy Good Vehicle
  2. HPV: Heavy Passenger Vehicle
  3. HTV: Heavy Transport Vehicle (Valid for Goods and Passenger Vehicles)
  4. HZRD : Heavy Transport Vehicle with Hazardous materials
  5. TR: Tractor
  6. RDRLR : Road Roller


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