Introduced 2000
TLD type Proposed generic top-level domain
Status Pending
Registry CommercialConnect.net
Sponsor None
Intended use e-commerce
Actual use Pending
Registration restrictions Pending
Structure Registrations at second level permitted
Documents ICANN registry agreement
Dispute policies UDRP - Pending
Website CommercialConnect.net

.shop is a proposed top-level domain for the Internet, submitted to ICANN for approval as a sponsored TLD. It would be restricted to the use of e-commerce on the Internet. It is sponsored by Commercial Connect Inc, an international organization based in the United States, with partners worldwide.



Commercial Connect, Inc. requested to operate a .shop registry from ICANN in 2000. It is unrelated to the previous attempt to register .shop in 1998 (see IAHC), although its proposed usage is similar.[1] To date the application is still pending.[2] It is believed that ICANN will allow resubmission and/or reconsideration in mid 2010. Commercial Connect believes that the introduction of .shop is necessary because the existing TLD .com—originally intended for this purpose—has become too broad in its scope and so generic that it no longer exclusively denotes its original intention. This difficulty is becoming more acute daily, and as already implied by the continued geometric growth of the Internet, will become exponentially more difficult in the future.


Commercial Connect, Inc is proposing that the use of .shop be exclusive to electronic commerce websites that actually provide online shopping and ordering, whether the site is associated with a physical store or not. This clarity of use can be preserved to the benefit of Internet users everywhere.


All currently accredited ICANN registrars, as well as any newly appointed ICANN registrars in the future, will be eligible for approval to obtain domain names with the dot-shop extension. Each registrar must make application to CCI, and pay the stated fees, but when those steps have been completed, a registrar in good standing with ICANN can rest assured it will be added to the list of approved registrars for selling and promoting this new domain name extension. CCI, by accepting all ICANN accredited registrars as potential registrars of the domain name, agrees to accord equal treatment to everyone. In any case where it is necessary to select between two or more competing registrars, objective criteria, if it can be found to base any choice upon, so that even those who are not chosen can agree the process was fairly devised and fairly implemented.


CCI expects all new domain name holders to deal exclusively through a registrar. At this time it is not expected that any issues will arise that requires the intervention of CCI. Should that occur, however, then generally accepted business practices and applicable ICANN policies will guide CCI's involvement. Every new registrant will be required to certify they know about, have read, and accept the provisions of the ICANN Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) now in effect. The applying registrant will be required to make a two step certification to the approved registrar as part of his application for a .shop domain name, and to establish a right to the domain name with one or more of the following two: 1) That the business is currently in operation under the requested name, or 2) That the registrant is substantially ready to begin business and needs the Internet address for final preparations, such as ordering signs or stationary, committing to advertising, and the completion of necessary forms and permits to begin business. The second step will be the voluntary agreement of the applicant to restrict use of the .shop domain name to a fixed site commercial enterprise engaged in the sale of goods.


  1. ^ (historical) gTLD MoU
  2. ^ Commercial Connect Application to ICANN

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