Reign of Fear

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Name = Reign of Fear
Type = Studio album
Artist = Rage

Released = 1986
Genre = Speed metal
Length = 37:11
Label = Noise Records
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*Allmusic Rating|3|5 [ link]

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This album = "Reign of Fear"
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"Reign of Fear" is the debut full-length album by the German speed metal band Rage. It was released in 1986. The album was remastered by Noise/Sanctuary in 2002 with slightly altered cover art, and five bonus tracks.

Track listing

# "Scared to Death" - 04:41
# "Deceiver" - 03:36
# "Reign of Fear" - 03:54
# "Hand of Glory" - 03:26
# "Raw Energy" - 03:27
# "Echoes of Evil" - 04:48
# "Chaste Flesh" - 04:52
# "Suicide" - 04:04
# "Machinery" - 04:23

Remastered Bonus Tracks

# "Suicide (Live)"
# "Refuge (Live)"
# "Baby, I'm Your Nightmare (Live)"
# "Light into the Darkness (Acoustic)"
# "Invisible Horizons (Acoustic)"

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