Japanese post in Korea

The first Japanese post office in Korea was established in 1876 in Pusan. A few years later post offices in Wonsan and Ninsen (Incheon) opened. The inauguration of the Korean post took place in November 1884, but soon was interrupted by the Gapsin Coup half a month later. The unofficial opening of the Japanese post office in Seoul took place in 1888.

Due to the breakout of the Sino-Japanese War in 1894 the postal services were shut down and re-established not until 1895. In the same year the Japanese post monopolized the foreign post. In 1900 the Korean Foreign Post was inaugurated and the Overprinted Chrysanthemum Stamps were issued.

In 1904 the Russo-Japanese War interrupted the postal services again. In the following year the Korean communication services were annexed and in 1910 Korea became a Japanese colony.

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