Luigi Trinchero

Luigi Trinchero (Acqui, Italy, June 9, 1862 - Buenos Aires, Argentina, February 6, 1944) was an outstanding Italian sculptor. In 1888 up to Argentina where he made numerous works, among which are bas-reliefs and busts at the Teatro Colon.


Born on June 9, 1862, in Acqui (commune of Asti), at six years old traveled with her parents to Savona, where he attended elementary grades and technicians, completed in 1876 with high ratings, particularly in drawing and painting. The following year he served in a decorative arts studio in Turin, and at the same time, attending classes that are taught at the Albertina Academy, where he earned gold and silver medals for his skills as ornamentist.

On 1882 he moved to France, where he specialized in the art of ceramics. On his return to Italy, presented some works in the exhibition held in Turin, which drew effusive praise of Umberto I and the Queen, Margarita Teresa of Savoy. The appointment as artistic director in a ceramic factory in Faenza enabled him to achieve further success. His artwork and statuary was awarded both in the city as well as in Milan and Venice.

From 1887 to 1888 remained in Florencia, running a workshop designed to serve the trade. The same year, Luigi Trinchero embarks to Argentina, invited by the sculptor Victor Del Pol and the painter Luis de Servi to run a ceramics factory in the city of La Plata founded by these artists, strongly linked to the progress of argentine art.

Trinchero then moved to Buenos Aires, where, encouraged by the Marquis Carlos Morra, opened a workshop on ornamental sculpture, from where, in Argentina flourishing of the first decades of the twentieth century, was devoted to ornament many public and private buildings. Examples outbound work for the "Museo y Centro Naval" and the "Society and Benevolenza Unione Italiana", the facade of the "Templo de la Piedad", external image of Stella Maris (in the church of the same name in Mar del Plata), Government House (provinces Santa Fe and Jujuy), La Prensa newspaper, banks, schools, etc..

His most outstanding work, however, was born when he is hired by the Intendencia de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, with the company and Amellini Pellizari, to perform all indoor and outdoor sculptures at the Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires. Moreover, he made the monuments to General Martin Rodriguez (in the namesake city); Doctor Nicanor Basavilbaso (Avellaneda), the artistic mausoleum of the family Madariaga (San Nicolás) and the funeral families of Roverano Bettinelli (Cemetery of Chacarita), Antonio Riva and Dolphin Gallo (in the one of Recoleta), like others, in addition many statues and busts commissioned by major families in Buenos Aires.

Since 1916 serves as a professor at the National College drawing Manuel Belgrano. The location of their workshops between 1890 and 1944, all in Buenos Aires, were Sarandí 1417, Juncal 1306, Cochabamba 2718, Viamonte 1164 and México 672.

In 1921 is appointed director of a sculpture workshop in the service of the commune of Buenos Aires. In 1928, and 29 attended the presentations community of Buenos Aires and Latin American of Seville, which reached silver medals and diplomas for his sculptures, including "Un mal rato bajo la lluvia"("A bad time in the rain") and "Inocencia" ("Innocence").

The economic crisis in 1930 and political changes that took place after that year ended with the rapid development of Buenos Aires and the Argentine Republic happened in the past four decades. The production of Luigi Trinchero, like many other European artists settled in the country, was not invulnerable to this debacle. However, his creative spirit was recorded in countless sketches of sources and projects with ornaments. He died in Buenos Aires on February 6, 1944.

The sculptor Luigi Trinchero formed part of this suite of visual artists and foreign nationals who left their mark during the flowering of Buenos Aires. Abundant exchange of letters, pictures, photographs and projects devoted to each other, showed the affectionate ties and respect that existed between them. In addition to the artists mentioned above, can be added to his personal circle of friends Benito Quinquela Martin painter and muralist Francisco Paolo Parisi.


Some of his numerous works include:

* Teatro Colon: Four cariátides argue that the balconies on the front side of the building, on Calle Lavalle, the busts of Mozart, Bellini, Bizet, Beethoven. Gounod, Rossini, Verdi and Wagner, the Crowning of the boxes "avant-scene, all low and high reliefs that decorate the interior and exterior of the theater, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
* Lying Christ. Frontispicio Church of La Piedad, Capital City, Buenos Aires.
* Bustos Dante and Leonardo da Vinci. Done for the Company and Benevolenza Unione. Sarmiento streetm 1368.
* A bad time in the rain. Bronze for ornamental fountain. Private collection.
* Monument to Martin Rodriguez. In the eponymous town of the province of Buenos Aires.
* Busts of Alvear and the President Hipólito Irigoyen: Location unknown.
* Sculptures of the facade and main gate of the Centro Naval Building. Between Florida and Cordoba's streets, Buenos Aires.

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