Beasts of Prey

Infobox Korean Film
name = Beasts of Prey

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caption = Poster for "Beasts of Prey" (1985)
director = Kim Ki-young [Infobox data from cite web |url=|title=Carnivorous Animal (Yugsigdongmul)(1985)|accessdate=2008-01-22|publisher= [ KMDb Korean Movie Database] |language=English "and" imdb title|0314932|Yukshik dongmul (1985)]
producer = Jeong Do-hwan
writer = Kim Ki-young
narrator =
starring = Kim Sung-kyom
No Gyeong-sin
music = Han Sang-ki
cinematography = Joo hong-shik
editing = Hyeon Dong-chun
distributor = Shin Han Films
released = March 23, 1985
runtime = 105 minutes
country = South Korea
language = Korean
budget =
gross =
admissions =
preceded_by =
followed_by =
website =
amg_id =
imdb_id = 0314932
hangul = 육식동물
hanja = 肉食動物
rr =
mr =
context =

"Beasts of Prey" (육식동물 - "Yukshik dongmul") aka "Carnivore", "Carnivorous Animals" is a 1985 South Korean film directed by Kim Ki-young.


A social drama about a man with an inferiority complex to his wife. When he seeks consolation in an extramarital affair, his mistress and wife conspire to set up a plan for sharing him. [Synopsis from cite web |url=|title=Carnivorous Animal (Yugsigdongmul)(1985)|accessdate=2008-01-22|publisher= [ KMDb Korean Movie Database] |language=English]


* Kim Sung-kyom [Cast listing based on cite web |url=|title=일송정 푸른솔은 - The Green Pine Tree (Ilsongjeong pureunsoleun) (1983)|accessdate=2008-01-22|publisher= [ KMDb Korean Movie Database] |language=Korean]
* No Gyeong-sin
* Chung Jae-soon
* Kim Seong-geun
* Han U-ri
* Yang Hui-ran
* Eom Sim-jeong
* Bae Gyu-bin
* Choe Il
* Yeo Jae-ha




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