Mopar Mailing List

The Mopar Mailing List (MML) is an email listserv dedicated to discussing all aspects of ownership and history of Chrysler Corporation motor vehicles. The list is unmoderated and has very few rules. Topics are wide ranging and include discussions on restoration, racing, car history, mechanical information and occasional get-togethers.

As some members have correctly observed, the MML is probably the longest continuous Mopar club meeting ever. The group has one official event a year, a club gathering at the All Chrysler Nationals in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, USA.

The MML currently has over 500 members. Most are located in the United States, however there are significant numbers in Canada, as well in such diverse places as Australia and France.

Typical e-mail volume is between 50 and 100 messages a day.

You can learn more about the Mopar Mailing List by visiting [ the Mopar Mailing List website] You can subscribe to the Mopar Mailing List listserv by visiting [ the listserv's website]

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