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Rody Mirri, (Born 15th December 1952 in Trento, Italy) is a business manager, Italian author and tv producer.


He's Born in Pinzolo (Trento) in 1952, in the '80 he comes to Milan and actually he lives between Ibiza and Italy.

In 1979 Rody Mirri founds the fashion agency RM in the very famous Ingegnoli Palace, in Buenos Aires street 54, Milan.

From 1980 to 1994 Rody Mirri produces and signs huge fashion events bringing designers and models into tv programs an shows (BUGATTI, DIESEL, FIORENTINA calcio).

Between fashion and television the step is short, he realized productions like:THE SONG OF THE HEART,OFF MUSIC, RED&PASSION e IT’S YOUR SONG 2007,he makes videoclips and music with Cristiano Malgioglio, E. Palumbo (Pamarò Production) "Electrica Salsa" by Off-Models. The song was at the top charts.(Rusconi Editor, Eva Express 1987-04-09)

Moreover, Rody Mirri, General Manager of Business Group, as Executive Producer, Artistic Director and Responsible of location, collaborated to many Italian television productions RAI - MEDIASET - TMC:

*Disco Estate (RaiUno)
*Natale sotto l'Albero (RaiUno)
*Premio Navicella (RaiUno)
*Campionato Europeo di Box (RaiDue)
*Bellezze al Bagno (Canale 5)
*Bellezze sulla Neve (Premio Telegatto) (Canale 5)
*La Voce del Cuore (Premio Telegatto) (Canale 5)
*SuperClassificaShow (Canale 5)
*Cercasi ragazza sorrisi (Canale 5)
*Il Gioco delle Coppie (Rete 4)
*Festival Internazionale del Circo (Rete 4)
*Bravo Bravissimo (speciale Trieste) (Rete 4)
*Karaoke (location Garda) (Italia 1)
*Sei forte (TMC)
*La Canzone del Cuore (TMC)
*Off Music (Odeon)
*Un'Italiana per Miss Mondo (Italia7)

In 1988 the Croce Rossa Italiana ask him to manage a big fashion event named "UNO SPETTACOLO PER LA VITA" in Milan where he bring on stage the most beautiful models of the world with CRISTIAN DIOR and GALIZINE.

The show UNICEF GRAN GALA on Costa Crociere Yacht in Genova bring his sign.

The Trentino Alto Adige region, in cooperation with the Associazione Commercianti commission to Rody Mirri the development of MODA ARTESTORIA plan. In the castles, in a medieval atmosphere, and in the region squares, are shown new fashion collections.

Also, thanks to his interest for design In 1993 he put his signature on a table-clocks collection, he creates and signs the design of the famous golden first letters "PERSONALITY" to bind together to the ties in 1995,In 2004 he creates the fashion premise "KLEJNOT" (Crema- CR),In 2005 He creates the fashion premise "YACHT CLUB" (Manerba sul Garda - BS), In 2006 he creates the Show Room "INTUIZIONI D'ARREDO" (Padenghe sul Garda - BS).

His passion for literacture bring him to publish his first book titled IL TRIANGOLO DEL POTERE (Edit by Thelma, 2002), followd by LA DONNA DEL LAGO, (Edit by Larcher, 2003), L’AMORE CHE NON HO MAI DETTO (Valentino Ridolfi with Rody Mirri, Andrea Pinketts, Pupi Avati, Vittorio Sgarbi,... Edit by Larcher, 2004), NON VOLEVO FINISSE COSI’ (Edit by Big Help, 2005) and IT’S YOUR SONG(Edit by Vannini, 2007)

Today thanks his background with his past as manager and talent scout of many successful artists such as Veronica Castro, Vittoria Belvedere, Michelle Hunziker, trough his agency Business Group, he takes care about scouting and image, artistic management of show business people, tv production and shows organization.

Tv Production & Shows

*RED & PASSION 2007 (DVD, 2007)
*LA NOTTE DELLE STELLE (Bibione 1988, Desenzano del Garda 2002)
*ESTATE INSIEME (Italian Squares 1987)
*MISS LADY GOLF (Brescia 2002, Pinzolo 2002)
*DISCO MEETING (Bolzano Palaghiaccio 1976)
*MOTOR FASHION (Cervia 1987, Milano 2003)
*PREMIO NAZIONALE TRACCE (Lonato c/o Dehor 2002)
*ODEON UNO SPETTACOLO PER LA VITA (Milano Palatrussardi 1987)
*GRAN GALA UNICEF (Genova Costa Crociere 1988)
*LA DONNA DEL LAGO (Meet&Greet: Milano Grand Hotel Diana Majestic, Rimini Discoteca Paradiso, Iseo Piazza Garibaldi 2004)
*ESTATE VIP VARIETA’ (San Teodoro Sardegna 1989, Manerba d/G 2005)
*RED&PASSION (Pesaro Adriatic Arena 2007)
*GRAN GALA IT’S YOUR SONG 2007 (Milano Executive Lounge, Brescia Mia Club, Riccione Hakuna Matata, Bastia Umbra The Barr 2007)
*GRAN GALA CROCE ROSSA ITALIANA (Milano Palatrussardi 1988)
*NON VOLEVO FINISSE COSI’ (Meet&Greet: Sarnico Cafè Imperial 2004)


*RED & PASSION (Dj Tiesto, 2007)


He Wrote:
*IL TRIANGOLO DEL POTERE (Edit by Thelma , 2002)
*LA DONNA DEL LAGO (Edit by Larcher, 2003)
*L’AMORE CHE NON HO MAI DETTO (Valentino Ridolfi with Rody Mirri, Andrea Pinketts, Pupi Avati, *Vittorio Sgarbi,... Edit by Larcher, 2004)
*NON VOLEVO FINISSE COSI’ (Edit by Big Help, 2005)
*IT’S YOUR SONG (Edit by Vannini, 2007)


Signed Design Of:
*PERSONALITY (golden first letters to bind together to the ties 1995)
*KLEJNOT (Fashion Premise Crema 2004)
*YACHT CLUB (Fashion Premise Manerba sul Garda BS 2005)
*INTUIZIONI D'ARREDO (Show Room Padenghe sul Garda BS 2006)


*"Targa Odeon: uno spettacolo per la vita " Palatrussardi Milano
*"Uomini e Aziende" hotel Excelsior Venezia
*"Medaglia città di Milano" Teatro S.Babila.


*In the Sagittarius constellation, the star nr.186704, astral composition 18h 22’ 21,62” and fourth declination 28° 25’ 44,4”, brings the name RODY MIRRI.
*The book "La Repubblica Delle Veline" (Rizzoli, Candida Morvillo 2003) also talk about Rody Mirri

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