Kitadaito Airport

Kitadaito Airport

Infobox Airport
name = Kitadaito Airport
nativename-a = 北大東空港
nativename-r = Kitadaitō Kūkō

type = Public
owner =
operator = Okinawa Prefecture
city-served =
location = Kitadaitō, Japan
elevation-f = 80
elevation-m = 24
website =
metric-rwy = y
r1-number = 03/21
r1-length-m = 1,500
r1-length-f = 4,921
r1-surface = Asphalt
footnotes = Source: DAFIFWAD|RORK|source=DAFIF] GCM|KTD|source=DAFIF]

nihongo|Kitadaito Airport|北大東空港|"Kitadaitō Kūkō"|airport codes|KTD|RORK is located on the island of Kitadaitō in the village of Kitadaitō, Shimajiri District, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan.

The prefecture operates the airport, which is classified as a third class airport.

Only a round flight from Naha, to Kitadaito and Minami-Daito, back to Naha is operated everyday. The route differs on a day of the week. Flight from Kitadaito to Minami-Daito is the shortest flight in Japan, costs 7600 yen, and is only 12 km long, takes 3 minutes in the air.


* Japan Airlines
** Japan Transocean Air
*** Ryukyu Air Commuter (Minami-Daito, Naha)


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