List of GuitarFreaks & DrumMania songs

The following is the complete list of songs that have been featured in "DrumMania" and "GuitarFreaks", a music video game developed by Konami Digital Entertainment.

Included in each table is the title, artist, song speed, and numeric values representing the in-game difficulty rating of the song from 10 (easiest) to 99 (hardest), based on a 3-tiered difficulty system (Basic, Advanced and Extreme), as of Drummania 4th Mix. Eariler versions of Drummania uses difficulty rating in the form of number of stars from 1 (easiest) to 10 (hardest), based on a 3-tiered difficulty system (Normal, Real and Expert Real).

What is not reflected in the table is the Beginner diffculties of the songs as of date.

Song titles listed in bold are master recordings. This list is sorted by the versions the songs debuted on. However, not all releases contain every song on the list.

Percussion Freaks/DrumMania 1st Mix

Percussion Freaks/DrumMania 4th Mix

As of 4th Mix, songs are now rated on a 3-tiered difficulty system, from 19-99, with the 3 difficulty levels of "Basic", "Advanced", and "Extreme".

Percussion Freaks/DrumMania 7th Mix

Percussion Freaks/DrumMania 10th Mix

DrumMania V2

To obtain the Encore or Premium Encore Stage, the player must score at least 93% and 96% respectively to unlock them and the player must not use any auto-accompanient on Extra Stage.

However, if the player is using the e-Amusement Pass, and the e-AMUSEMENT enabled machine is currently on EXTRA RUSH Level 14, the player only requires 90% and 93% to obtain the Encore or Premium Encore Stage and the player must not use any auto-accompanient on Extra Stage.

Drummania V5

Notable Songs

Drummania 3rd Mix

*Daydream: Composed by Mutsuhiko Izumi, it was the first song to be rated a 99 on Extreme. With an almost constant and very rapid roll on the cymbal, as well as other very fast irregular rolls on the toms at the end of the song, it is extremely difficult to full combo - much less achieve an SS ranking. However, a Japanese player was successful in scoring a HAZARD, FULL COMBO, S by using 3 drumsticks. 2 drumsticks are used to create continuous rollings on the cymbal.

Drummania 4th Mix

*The Least 100 Seconds: Composed by Hirofumi Sasaki (as a reduced version of the original, "The Least 333 Seconds"), it is the second song to achieve a 99 difficulty ranking and still retains this difficulty in Drummania V4 due to its incredibly difficult drum solo. It is also considered possibly the hardest song in the entire Drummania series. As the title suggests, the song is exactly 1:40 seconds long. The song has also been placed on other Bemani games such as Dance Dance Revolution Extreme, although in most cases it is not as difficult as its DM/GF counterpart.

Drummania 5th Mix

*The Power of Love: A song featured in the movie, Back to the Future. "The Power of Love" became the band's first song to hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and was nominated for an Academy Award.

*子供の落書き帳 (Children's Sketchbook): Another song by Hirofumi Sasaki, it boasts a 67 Basic difficulty, which is the hardest song on Basic, and a 98 difficulty ranting on Extreme as of Drummania V3. It barely reaches The Least 100 Seconds' and Day Dream's 99 difficulty ratings. It is a revival of Bach's classical masterpiece, "Jesus, Joy of Man's Desiring" with newly added rock guitar harmony and solo.

*Herring Roe: Extremely difficult because it requires fast rolling on one hand. In the beginning and end consistent rolls must be played on the hi-hat with the left hand, during the middle there is a long stretch of consistent one hand rolls on the cymbal for the right hand.

Drummania 6th Mix

*Model DD series (Drummania 6th Mix - V4): Supposedly a sequel to Daydream, Mutsuhiko Izumi's Model DD songs are among the most difficult in Drummania, featuring fast and relentless cymbal rhythms throughout all the songs. Typically, a new Model DD is included in each new mix of DrumMania (e.g. Model DD7, MODEL DD8), although the number of the song does not correspond with the number of the mix in which it is found.

Drummania 8th Mix

*Used To Rock'n'Roll: A long version song by Brad Holms most notable for it being considered "Un-SS-able". Despite it only being an 80 (according to Drummania V3's difficulty [ [ Drummania V3 Official Music Levels] ] ; 72 as per in Drummania V2's difficulty; and 64 as per in Drummania's 8th Mix/9th Mix difficulty [ [ Drummania 8th Mix Official Music Levels] ] [ [ Drummania 8th Mix Official Music Levels] ] ) and not being a particularly difficult song, there are two sections in it containing rolls on both the hi-hats and cymbals alternatly. The rolls are fast, but alone they would be simple. However, playing them at the same time, each with only one hand makes them very difficult to combo, and practically impossible to not get a number of "Good". According to Drummania V3's e-Amusement Internet Ranking, this song has been HAZARD cleared by two players.

Drummania 9th Mix

*Agnus Dei: One of the most popular songs for players just reaching "high-level" play.

*Funky Sonic World: Basically the fastest song at 400 BPM (beats per minute), also with the highest note count of a normal-length song (nearly 1400). It's made up of consistent but fast and tiring rhythms. Players generally play this as a test of stamina and concentration.

*Timepiece Phase II: The difficulty of the song which created by Hirofumi Sasaki is very evident. The song was first listed as a Premium Stage and listed into Extra Stage at the 10th mix. The arrangement is rarely seen.

Drummania 10th Mix

*赤い鈴 (Akai Suzu): One of the hardest "long" songs, due to the somewhat unique jazz-style drumming involved, combined with many quick rolls and a generally sparse pattern toward the middle of the song.

*Dragon Blade: Arguably one of the most popular songs, and considered to be "overplayed" by some. Dragon Blade is not particularly difficult (rated only 62 on the Extreme difficulty setting).

*鬼姫 (Onihime): Another of the series' hardest songs, Onihime joins The Least 100 Seconds [Extreme] and Daydream [Extreme] in the series to receive a 99 difficulty rating, yet falls to a 95 difficulty rating in Drummania V3. [ [ Drummania V3 Official Music Levels] ] Whereas The Least 100 Seconds is difficult because of an extremely difficult solo mid-song, Onihime is littered with extremely fast drum fills and rhythm changes. It's only available as an Encore Stage song in Drummania 10th Mix, an Extra Stage song in Drummania V, but is available for normal play from Drummania V2 and onwards.

Drummania V

*Panasonic Youth: Not one of the most popular but certainly one of the most difficult and esoteric additions to this Japanese game. The song, by American mathcore band Dillinger Escape Plan, is extremely heavy and contains many complex and fast rhythms. Many players have trouble with Panasonic Youth because of its deliberate avoidance of the 4/4 time signature that most popular music uses. The album, Miss Machine, which contain the song, sold 12,000 copies its first week of sale, becoming their biggest selling release.

Drummania V2

*リライト (Rewrite): A song by popular rock band, Asian Kung-Fu Generation. A lot of the song's fame stems from the popular animation, Full Metal Alchemist, as it was used in its fourth introduction song. As a result, this song tends to be a fairly popular choice. However, the version used for Drummania V2 is different than the actual song in the sense the rock elements are softer. This was not Asian Kung-Fu Generation's first Drummania song. Their first song was N.G.S. in Drummania V, and it was not remixed in any form.

*over there: The Premium Encore stage from Drummania V2. In Extreme difficulty, it is notably difficult for consistent bass pedals, complex crossovers, and fast to and fro rolls consisting of a 3-3-3 tablature.

Drummania V3

*Glamorous Sky: Mika Nakashima's 16th single overall and her 1st under the name "Nana starring Mika Nakashima". The song was used as one of the image songs for the movie "Nana" (as one of the bands Black Stones' song) and was featured as a cover by a Jrock band, Girugamesh, in the Konami music games, as well as the iNiS rhythm game Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2.

*Model FT 2: The latest offer of Mutsuhiko Izumi, it's a continuation of the Fairy Tales song from Drummania V. What's particularly notable about it is that it has a Miracle Version; which is the same song with a harder tablature, being the latest with a 99 difficulty rating. [ [ Drummania V3 Official Music Levels] ] However, despite its difficulty it was reduced to 98 in Drummania V4. [ [ Drummania V4 Official Music Levels] ]

Drummania V4

*チャンピオーネ (Champione): A song from the 14th single by the Japanese band Orange Range. It was used as the theme song for the Japanese broadcast of the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany.

*遠雷~遠くにある明かり~ (Enrai ~Tooku ni Aru Akari~): A song by High and Mighty Color. This song also stems from the anime, , as it was used in its third ending song. Again, this track was once rated as the most-played song in the entire Drummania song list.

*Fat Lip: The first single off the punk rock band Sum 41's second album "All Killer No Filler". It is arguably the band's most successful single, topping the Billboard Modern Rock chart, as well as MTV's Total Request Live and MuchMusic's MuchMusic Countdown in the summer of 2001. This song was also featured in the movie, American Pie 2, EA Sports' NHL 2002 and is playable on Guitar Hero.

Drummania V5

*Almost Easy: A song by Avenged Sevenfold, is on the Need for Speed: Pro Street soundtrack (altered version), and was released as a part of a downloadable "modern metal" song pack for the music video game Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. It has also been confirmed as an on-disc track for Rock Band 2.

*CRAWL: A song by VELTPUNCH, it was featured in the 1st opening theme song for the anime, Nabari no Ō.

*Nihongo|"After Dark"|アフターダーク|After Dark: A song by Asian Kung-Fu Generation, and was featured in its 7th opening theme song for the anime, Bleach.

*The Sound of Truth: A song by As I Lay Dying. The album, An Ocean Between Us, which included the song, debuted at number 8 on the Billboard 200, with sales close to 39,500. The album has now gone on to sell 115,000 copies.

*the WORLD: A song by Nightmare, was featured in the first opening theme song for the anime, Death Note.

*Nihongo|"Zetsubō Billy"|絶望ビリー|Zetsubō Birī: A song by Maximum the Hormone. This song stems from the anime, Death Note, as it was used in its second ending theme song. The album, which included the song, debuted on the Oricon charts at number five, selling 70,000 copies in its first week. This album was the first from Maximum the Hormone to chart on the Oricon charts.


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