Eeyou Istchee (territory)

Eeyou Istchee (territory)

Eeyou Istchee is a territory equivalent to a regional county municipality (TE) of Quebec. Its geographical code is 993. It is comprised of numerous scattered non-contiguous communities primarily enclaved ["Modifications aux municipalités du Québec, novembre 2007", Institut de la Statistique du Québec] within the municipality (M) of Baie-James, but not a part of it. The total land area of these communities is 5,586.23 km² (2,156.855 sq mi). There was a combined population of 14,131 persons as of the Canada 2006 Census. Its largest community is Chisasibi, on the south bank of La Grande River, near the northeast shore of James Bay.

Eeyou Istchee TE was created on Nov. 30, 2007. ["Modifications aux municipalités du Québec, novembre 2007", Institut de la Statistique du Québec] Its territory had previously belonged to the TE of Jamésie. Eeyou Istchee encompasses in particular the Cree reserved land (TC) of Whapmagoostui and the Cree village (VC) of the same name. These are the only municipalities in Quebec lying north of the 55th parallel north (that is, in Nunavik) but not belonging to Kativik TE.

Together with the TEs of Jamésie and Kativik, it forms the region and census division (CD) of Nord-du-Québec.

The TE of Eeyou Istchee is coextensive with the territory of the Cree Regional Authority. It consists of the following municipal units.

*the Cree villages (VC) of:*Waswanipi:*Mistissini:*Waskaganish:*Nemiscau / Nemaska:*Eastmain:*Wemindji:*Chisasibi:*Whapmagoostui
*the Cree reserved lands of the same names
*the Indian settlement of Oujé-Bougoumou



* [ Database] of the geographical code of Quebec
* [] Regional maps of municipal and RCM/TE boundaries from the Ministère des Affaires municipales et des Régions. As of January 2008, the Nord-du-Québec map shows Jamésie territory as it was before the creation of Eeyou Istchee.

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