The Ida Funkhouser Roadside Memorial

Infobox Television episode | Title = The Ida Funkhouser Roadside Memorial
Series = Curb Your Enthusiasm
Season = 6
Episode = 3
Guests= Richard Lewis (Himself)
Airdate = September 23, 2007
Writer = Larry David
Director = David Mandel
Episode list =List of Curb Your Enthusiasm episodes
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"The Ida Funkhouser Roadside Memorial" is the third episode of the sixth season of the American situation comedy "Curb Your Enthusiasm". It originally aired on September 23, 2007 on HBO.


Larry David and Jeff make plans for Marty Funkhauser's mother's funeral, who died in a car accident. (Although she is already mentioned as dead ten years in episode #34.) They also speak of how Jeff's daughter Sammie and Loretta's kids will be attending the same school. Larry decides to buy some ice cream and get some for Cheryl as well, in order to count as a good deed to make her more likely in the mood for a sexual evening later. While in the line for the ice cream, Larry ends up getting into an argument with the lady in front of him who is "abusing her sampling privileges".

Larry is walking home when he sees Marty Funkhauser. Marty pays Larry 50 dollars he owes on a golf bet. The 50 dollar bill is moist because Marty stashes money in his shoe when he jogs. Larry is reluctant to accept the bill, but eventually relents. Larry arrives home and inadvertantly hurts Loretta's feelings by not getting any ice-cream for her or the rest of the Blacks. Cheryl angrily walks in and tells Larry that the woman he fought with was the Dean of Admissions for the school Loretta's children would be attending and had called to say they were now taken off enrollment. He assures them that he will win her affection back and realizes her sexual mood has not progressed any further due to the recent developments. He tries to pay the maintenance man for his time using the soggy fifty, but the man ends up taking $45.90 in smaller bills and change.

At the flower shop, despite Larry's attempts to draw attention away from it, the soggy fifty dollar bill is refused. He is calling Marty to complain about the fifty when he drives by Ida Funkhauser's roadside memorial. Larry proceeds to steal some white lilies, which he gives to the Dean, softening her decision, and on the way home steals some for Cheryl and Loretta as well. Marty shows up at the David's and is angry that someone has been stealing the flowers from the memorial, although he has no idea who. He spots the flowers with his self-declared incredible sense of smell and takes them back. He says that Larry had better return the third bouquet. Larry asks Cheryl if there's anything he can do as a favor towards their intimacy; she tells him to buy her a rare fragrance called "Belle Fille."

At the fragrance store, Larry gets in line, notices that the other one is shorter and faster, moves to the shorter line and watches his original line speed up. The woman ahead of him "abuses her sampling privileges" with various perfumes while another customer gets the last bottle of Belle Fille. Larry goes to the Dean of Admission's office, who is interviewing Jeff and Susie. Larry sneaks into the office, but once he grabs the bouquet her secretary starts walking back into the room and the interview ends, forcing him to stash the flowers unknowingly into Susie's purse. The Dean sees the flowers in her bag and takes Jeff and Susie's daughter off the list. Outside of the building they yell at him, which does not stop him from asking them for the flowers.

Larry brings the flowers back to the Funkhauser's home where Marty is hosting a pre-funeral for out-of-town family and a few friends. Larry strikes up a conversation with Richard Lewis and they comment on how the funeral people "viciously crowd the snack trays like vultures" and Richard comments that if you roll a dime on the floor they would stampede. He then points out the table with all of Ida Funkhauser's prized possessions on it. Larry spots a bottle of Belle Fille in the center of the table and steals it for Cheryl.

The next night, he comments about how good the fragrance is on Cheryl on their way to the memorial. When they get in line to exchange condolences, Marty's sense of smell detects his mother's perfume. Larry spots this and tries to go back in the line but keeps getting pushed closer and closer. Larry suddenly pauses and tosses the soggy fifty onto the floor, shouting, "Hey! Somebody dropped a fifty!" As they stampede, he flees with Cheryl.

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