Companies listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (C)

Toronto Stock Exchange listed stocks:

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Stock Name Symbol
C&C Energia Ltd. TSXCZE
C.A. Bancorp Inc. TSXBKP
Caldwell Partners International Inc. (The) TSXCWL
Caledonia Mining Corporation TSXCAL
Calfrac Well Services Ltd. TSXCFW
Calian Technologies Ltd. TSXCTY
Call Genie Inc. TSXGNE
Calloway Real Estate Investment Trust TSXCWT.DB.A
Calmena Energy Services Inc. TSXCEZ
Calvalley Petroleum Inc. TSXCVI.A
Calvista Gold Corporation TSXCVZ
Cameco Corporation TSXCCO
Can-60 Covered Call ETF TSXLXF
Can-60 Income Corp. TSXCSY
Can-Energy Covered Call ETF TSXOXF
Can-Financials Covered Call ETF TSXFXF
Can-Financials Income Corp. TSXFIC
Can-Materials Covered Call ETF TSXMXF
Canaccord Financial Inc. TSXCF
Canacol Energy Ltd. TSXCNE
Canada Bread Company, Limited TSXCBY
Canada Lithium Corp. TSXCLQ
Canadian Advantaged Convertibles Fund TSXADC.UN
Canadian Apartment Properties Real Estate Investment Trust TSXCAR.UN
Canadian Banc Capital Securities Trust TSXCSB.UN
Canadian Banc Recovery Corp. TSXBK
Canadian Convertible Liquid Universe ETF TSXCXF
Canadian Convertibles Plus Fund TSXCCI.UN
Canadian Energy Services & Technology Corp. TSXCEU
CANADIAN Financials & Utilities Split Corp. TSXCFS
Canadian General Investments, Limited TSXCGI
Canadian Helicopters Group Inc. TSXCHL.A
Canadian High Income Equity Fund TSXCIQ.UN
Canadian High Yield Focus Fund TSXCAH.UN
Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce TSXCM
Canadian Income Management Inc. TSXCAI.DB
Canadian Income Management Trust TSXCNM.UN
Canadian Life Companies Split Corp. TSXLFE
Canadian National Railway Company TSXCNR
Canadian Natural Resources Limited TSXCNQ
Canadian Oil Sands Limited TSXCOS
Canadian Pacific Railway Limited TSXCP
Canadian Real Estate Investment Trust TSXREF.UN
Canadian REIT Income Fund TSXRIU.UN
Canadian Resources Income Trust TSXRTU.UN
Canadian Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. TSXXSR
Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited TSXCTC
Canadian Utilities & Telecom Income Fund TSXUTE.UN
Canadian Utilities Limited TSXCU
Canadian Western Bank TSXCWB
Canadian Wireless Trust TSXCDW.UN
Canadian World Fund Limited TSXCWF
Canadian Zinc Corporation TSXCZN
CanAlaska Uranium Ltd. TSXCVV
Canam Group Inc. TSXCAM
Canarc Resource Corp. TSXCCM
CanBanc Income Corp. TSXCIC
Candax Energy Inc. TSXCAX
Candente Copper Corp. TSXDNT
Candente Gold Corp. TSXCDG
CanElson Drilling Inc. TSXCDI
Canexus Corporation TSXCUS
Canfor Corporation TSXCFP
Canfor Pulp Products Inc. TSXCFX
Cangene Corporation TSXCNJ
Canickel Mining Limited TSXCML
Canlan Ice Sports Corp. TSXICE
CANMARC Real Estate Investment Trust TSXCMQ.UN
Canoe 'GO CANADA' Income Fund TSXGCI.UN
Canoe Strategic Resources Income Fund TSXCSR.UN
Canso Credit Income Fund TSXPBY.UN
CanWel Building Materials Group Ltd. TSXCWX
Canyon Services Group Inc. TSXFRC
Capital Gains Income STREAMS Corporation TSXCGQ
Capital Power Corporation TSXCPX
Capital Power Income L.P. TSXCPA.UN
Capstone Infrastructure Corporation TSXCSE
Capstone Mining Corp. TSXCS
Cardero Resource Corp. TSXCDU
Cardiome Pharma Corp. TSXCOM
Carfinco Income Fund TSXCFN.UN
Cargojet Inc. TSXCJT
Caribbean Utilities Company, Ltd. TSXCUP.U
Carlisle Goldfields Limited TSXCGJ
Carmanah Technologies Corporation TSXCMH
Carpathian Gold Inc. TSXCPN
Cascades Inc. TSXCAS
Caspian Energy Inc. TSXCEK
Catalyst Paper Corporation TSXCTL
Cathedral Energy Services Ltd. TSXCET
Caza Oil & Gas, Inc. TSXCAZ
CCL Industries Inc. TSXCCL.A
CE Franklin Ltd. TSXCFT
Celestica Inc. TSXCLS
Celtic Exploration Ltd. TSXCLT
Cenovus Energy Inc. TSXCVE
Centamin Egypt Limited TSXCEE
Centerra Gold Inc. TSXCG
Central Fund of Canada Limited TSXCEF.A
Central GoldTrust TSXGTU.U
Centric Health Corporation TSXCHH
Century Iron Mines Corporation TSXFER
Cequence Energy Ltd. TSXCQE
Ceres Global Ag Corp. TSXCRP
Cerro Grande Mining Corporation TSXCEG
Cervus Equipment Corporation TSXCVL
CGA Mining Limited TSXCGA
Chalice Gold Mines Limited TSXCXN
Champion Minerals Inc. TSXCHM
Chartwell Seniors Housing Real Estate Investment Trust TSXCSH.DB.A
Chemtrade Logistics Income Fund TSXCHE.DB
Chesswood Group Limited TSXCHW
Chieftain Metals Inc. TSXCFB
China Gold International Resources Corp. Ltd. TSXCGG
Chinook Energy Inc. TSXCKE
Chorus Aviation Inc. TSXCHR.A
Churchill Corporation (The) TSXCUQ
CI Financial Corp. TSXCIX
CI Master Limited Partnership TSXCIP.UN
CIBT Education Group Inc. TSXMBA
CIC Energy Corp. TSXELC
Cineplex Inc. TSXCGX
Cinram International Income Fund TSXCRW.UN
Cipher Pharmaceuticals Inc. TSXDND
Citadel Income Fund TSXCTF.UN
Citadel SMaRT Fund TSXCRT.UN
Clairvest Group Inc. TSXCVG
Clarke Inc. TSXCKI
Claude Resources Inc. TSXCRJ
Claymore 1-10 Yr Laddered Corporate Bond ETF TSXCBH
Claymore 1-10 Yr Laddered Government Bond ETF TSXCLG
Claymore 1-5 Yr Laddered Corporate Bond ETF TSXCBO
Claymore 1-5 Yr Laddered Government Bond ETF TSXCLF
Claymore Advantaged Canadian Bond ETF TSXCAB
Claymore Advantaged Convertible Bond ETF TSXCVD
Claymore Advantaged High Yield Bond ETF TSXCHB
Claymore Advantaged Short Duration High Income ETF TSXCSD
Claymore Balanced Growth CorePortfolio ETF TSXCBN
Claymore Balanced Income CorePortfolio ETF TSXCBD
Claymore Broad Commodity ETF TSXCBR
Claymore Broad Emerging Markets ETF TSXCWO
Claymore Canadian Financial Monthly Income ETF TSXFIE
Claymore Canadian Fundamental Index ETF TSXCRQ
Claymore China ETF TSXCHI
Claymore Equal Weight Banc & Lifeco ETF TSXCEW
Claymore Global Agriculture ETF TSXCOW
Claymore Global Infrastructure ETF TSXCIF
Claymore Global Monthly Advantaged Dividend ETF TSXCYH
Claymore Global Real Estate ETF TSXCGR
Claymore Gold Bullion ETF TSXCGL
Claymore International Fundamental Index ETF TSXCIE
Claymore Inverse 10 Yr Government Bond ETF TSXCIB
Claymore Japan Fundamental Index ETF C$ hedged TSXCJP
Claymore Natural Gas Commodity ETF TSXGAS
Claymore Oil Sands Sector ETF TSXCLO
Claymore Premium Money Market ETF TSXCMR
Claymore S&P Global Water ETF TSXCWW
Claymore S&P US Dividend Growers ETF TSXCUD
Claymore S&P/TSX Canadian Dividend ETF TSXCDZ
Claymore S&P/TSX CDN Preferred Share ETF TSXCPD
Claymore S&P/TSX Global Mining ETF TSXCMW
Claymore Silver Bullion Trust TSXSVR.C
Claymore US Fundamental Index ETF TSXCLU
Clearwater Seafoods Incorporated TSXCLR
Cline Mining Corporation TSXCMK
ClubLink Enterprises Limited TSXCLK
Cluff Gold plc TSXCFG
CML HealthCare Inc. TSXCLC
Co-operators General Insurance Company TSXCCS.PR.C
Coalspur Mines Limited TSXCPT
Coast Wholesale Appliances Inc. TSXCWA
Coastal Contacts Inc. TSXCOA
Coastal Energy Company TSXCEN
Cobriza Metals Corp. TSXCZA
Coeur d'Alene Mines Corporation TSXCDM
Cogeco Cable Inc. TSXCCA
Cogeco Inc. TSXCGO
Colabor Group Inc. TSXGCL
Colossus Minerals Inc. TSXCSI
COM DEV International Ltd. TSXCDV
Cominar Real Estate Investment Trust TSXCUF.DB
Commerce Split Corp. TSXYCM
Commercial Solutions Inc. TSXCSA
Compton Petroleum Corporation TSXCMT
Computer Modelling Group Ltd. TSXCMG
Condor Petroleum Inc. TSXCPI
Connacher Oil and Gas Limited TSXCLL
Connor, Clark & Lunn Conservative Income & Growth Fund TSXCCP.UN
Connor, Clark & Lunn Financial Opportunities Fund TSXGFO.UN
Connor, Clark & Lunn Real Return Income Fund TSXRRB.UN
Consolidated HCI Holdings Corporation TSXCXA.B
Constellation Software Inc. TSXCSU
Continental Gold Limited TSXCNL
Continental Precious Minerals Inc. TSXCZQ
Contrans Group Inc. TSXCSS
Convertible & Yield Advantage Trust TSXCNV.UN
Copernican British Banks Fund TSXCBB.UN
Copernican International Financial Split Corp. TSXCIR
Copernican International Premium Dividend Fund TSXCPM.UN
Copernican World Banks Split Inc. TSXCBW
Copernican World Financial Infrastructure Trust TSXCIW.UN
Copper Mountain Mining Corporation TSXCUM
Corby Distilleries Limited TSXCDL.A
Core Canadian Dividend Trust TSXCDD.UN
Coro Mining Corp. TSXCOP
Corona Gold Corporation TSXCRG
Corridor Resources Inc. TSXCDH
Corus Entertainment Inc. TSXCJR.B
Corvus Gold Inc. TSXKOR
Cott Corporation TSXBCB
Counsel Corporation TSXCXS
Coxe Commodity Strategy Fund TSXCOX.UN
Coxe Global Agribusiness Income Fund TSXCAG.UN
CPI Preferred Equity Ltd. TSXCZP.PR.A
Craig Wireless Systems Ltd. TSXCWG
Crescent Gold Limited TSXCRA
Crescent Point Energy Corp. TSXCPG
Crew Energy Inc. TSXCR
CriticalControl Solutions Corp. TSXCCZ
Crocodile Gold Corp. TSXCRK
Crocotta Energy Inc. TSXCTA
Crombie Real Estate Investment Trust TSXCRR.DB
Crosshair Energy Corporation TSXCXX
CryptoLogic Exchange Corporation TSXCXY
CryptoLogic Limited TSXCRY
Crystallex International Corporation TSXKRY
Curis Resources Ltd. TSXCUV
CVTech Group Inc. TSXCVT
Cyberplex Inc. TSXCX
Cymat Technologies Ltd. TSXCYM
Cymbria Corporation TSXCYB

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