Tram (disambiguation)

:"see also Tramway"

Tram (or trams) may mean:

* Rail based public transport systems, or the vehicles used, which run primarily on streets (also known as tramcars, trolleys or streetcars)
* Some other Light rail vehicles or systems which incorporate street running.
* A Tram is used to transport people, material and waste in mining.
* aerial tramways
* Tramcar (Wildwood), a vehicle on the Boardwalk in Wildwood, New Jersey
* Trackless trains, sometimes called parking lot trams

The acronym TRAM may stand for:

* Teatr Rabochey Molodyozhi, the Russian acronym for Leningrad Workers' Youth Theatre.
* A computer storage acronym for Texture Memory when implemented using RAM
* The Rest Are Mine, in the electronic games of Hearts, ("cf.", All Your Base Are Belong To Us and pwn)
* Transit Museum Society (TRAMS), an organization located in Vancouver, Canada.
* A specific make of lavalier microphone.
* Tractor, Rubber-tired Articulated-steering Multipurpose, the U.S. military designation for a John Deere Loader.
*TRIF-related adaptor molecule, see Trif [ [ Transforming Growth Factor- Differentially Inhibits MyD88 ...] ]
* Genetic systems that have the features of Non-mendelian inheritance Turover, Redundancy And Modularity.
* Transverse Rectus Abdominis Myocutaneous flap - a technique employed in surgical breast reconstruction.


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