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speakers=3,055 (1991 census)
fam3=South Munda
fam4=Koraput Munda

The Gataq language, also known as GataIPA|ʔ, Getaq, GetaIPA|ʔ, GtaIPA|ʔ, Gata, Gta Asa, Didei, Didayi, or Dire, is a language spoken by the Didayi people of India.


The Gataq language belongs to the South Munda subgroup of the Munda branch of the Austro-Asiatic language family. [ [ Ethnologue report on the Gataq language] ] Within South Munda, Gataq is generally considered to be the first branch off a node that also subsumes the Remo and Gutob languages; this subgroup of South Munda is known as Gutob-Remo-Gataq.

Professor Emeritus Norman Zide writes, "The Gta? (Didayi) language is a phonologically and morphologically divergent branch of the Gutob-Remo-Gta? (GRG) branch of South Munda."


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