French frigate Diane (1796)

The "Diane" was a 38-gun frigate of the French Navy.

She took part in the Battle of the Nile, managing to escape to Malta with the "Justice".

In 1800, as she tried to escape from Malta, she was catpured by HMS "Success", HMS "Northumberland" and HMS "Genereux".

She was recommissioned in the Royal Navy as HMS "Niobe".

On 16 July 1806, "Niobe" captured the 16-gun Néarque off Groix.

On 23 December 1810, off Le Havre along with "Diana", "Niobe" sighted the 40-gun "Amazone" and the 44-gun "Elisa". HMS "Donegal" and HMS "Revenge" joined the chase. Eventually, the "Elisa" was wrecked near La Hougue, while the "Amazone" escaped to Le Havre.

On 24 March 1811, she sailed with a squadron comprising HMS "Berwick", "Amelia", "Goshawk" and HMS "Hawk" again chased the "Amazone", which was trapped near Barfleur and scuttled herself to avoid capture.

HMS "Niobe" was eventually sold on 31 July 1816.

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