Portuguese Communist Youth

Portuguese Communist Youth

The Portuguese Communist Youth (Portuguese: "Juventude Comunista Portuguesa" or JCP) is the youth organization of the Portuguese Communist Party and was founded in November 10 of 1979, after the unification of the Young Communist League (Portuguese: "União dos Jovens Comunistas" or UJC) and the Communist Students League ("União dos Estudantes Comunistas" or UEC).

The JCP has a political relation of cooperation with the Portuguese Communist Party, however it is an independent organization. The headquarters of the JCP are located in Lisbon.

The JCP is a member of the World Federation of Democratic Youth, a youth non-governmental organization that congregates several left-wing youth organizations from all the continents. The WFDY holds an international event, named World Festival of Youth and Students, in which the Portuguese Communist Youth uses to participate. The current president of the World Federation of Democratic Youth, Tiago Vieira, is a member of JCP.

Composed by students and working class young people, the JCP has its main political concerns and intervention about issues like the promotion of a free and public education in all degrees, employment, access to sports and culture, peace or housing.

JCP also promotes international solidarity brigades for countries like Cuba, Palestine or Venezuela, alone or with other European communist youth organizations like KNE and SDAJ.


The main organ of the JCP is the congress, a political convention that is held each three years. In the congress, the organization defines its political strategies and elects a new National Committee.

Between the congresses, the main organ is the National Committee, which assures that the political guidelines are being implemented, schedules and carries out the national activities of the JCP, manages the property and the funds and also assures the international relations.

Each member of the JCP belongs to a local group, in his school, town or work place. These groups belong to a regional organization, usually at district level. The regional organization holds regional activities and is managed by a regional committee.

In a different level, the JCP divides its work and structure in three main sector level organizations, the organization of the intermediate and high school students, the organization of the university and college students and a last one to the young working people. Each of these coordinates the work and the activities related to each sector.

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