Ananya means not separate, one-of-a-kind, unique or matchless. It originated in Sanskrit, in which there are different combinations of the word Ananya. [] In Yoga, Ananya means having no other object; undistracted; devoted to only one worshipable Lord and no one else. []

In Hinduism

The term Ananya occurs in Sri Vishnu Sahasranāma Sthotram sloka:Shree Bhagavan uvacha

Ananya shinttha yantomã yejanã paryu pãsathe Tesham nityabhiyuktãnãm yogakshemam vahãmyaham

Paritranaya sadhunam vinãshãya cha dhushkrutãm Dharma samsathãpanãrthãya sambhavãmi yuge yuge

Artã vishannã shithilãscha bheethã Koreshu cha vyathishu vartamãnãhã Samkeertya narãyana shabta mãtram Vimukta dhukka sukhino bhavanthu

Kãyena vãchã manasendriyerva Budhyãtma nãva prakruté swabhãvath Karomi yadyat sakalam parasmai Narãyanãyetu samarpayãmi.

Some important people who are called Ananya include Ananya Roy, Ananya Khare, Ananya Huria, Ananya Bhatia-Lin, and Brigit Ananya, the CEO of Ananya Systems ( There has also been a cosmetic chain called Ananya.

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