A banger can be a:
*A sausage, usually pork and of a lower quality, with a tendency to split open with a "bang" during frying. See also bangers and mash
*A firecracker (British English) or explosive firework designed to make noise
*An old or decrepit car (British English). See also lemon (automobile)
*Slang for a firearm, usually a handgun
*In Australia the terms Banger or G-Banger are interchangeable with G-string
*The nickname of Robert Harvey (derived from the Harvey Wallbanger)
*The nickname of (Joshua Ungerleider) derived from the word (Underbanger).
*A hard rocker (from head banger)
*A multi-table poker tournament, normally costing 75 dollars or more
*Ed Banger Records, French Record Label releasing House music.
*Banger racing, a motorsport category using "Lemon" automobiles."Banger" slang term, sometimes derogatory, for a Polynesian; relates to explosive
*A Banger is a slang term for a good high-energy, pumping, dance music song, usually of the electro house genre. A favorite of the electronic-leaning hipster subculture.
*A Banger is a shortened version of the phrase Cult Banger, a style of tattoo that may only be given by a select group of tattoo artists to a select group of individuals, as authorized by Chase Lisbon, creator of alt porn website,
*"Banger" is a slang term used mainly in Dublin for an illegal or overage (in juvenile) GAA player.
*gwynn hoskins

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