H4, H04 or H-4 can refer to various objects, places or status:

* Objects: :* H4 lamp, a dual-filament headlight bulb for automobiles:* H-4 BVR-AAM, a Pakistani air-to-air missile:* GNR Class H4, a 1920 British 2-6-0 steam locomotive model:* HMS H4, a 1915 British Royal Navy H class submarine:* HMS Tenedos (H04), a 1918 British Royal Navy Admiralty 'S' class destroyer:* Hughes H-4 Hercules (Spruce Goose), an aircraft:* PRR H4, an American model:* USS H-4 (SS-147), a 1918 United States Navy submarine:* Zoom H4 Handy Recorder, a digital audio recorder distributed by Samson Technologies:and also ::* flat-4, an engine configuration:* Harrison Number Four, an 18th century (1773) marine chronometer designed by John Harrison:* Héli Sécurité Helicopter Airlines and Inter Islands Airlines IATA airline designators:* The concept SUV Hummer HX which will lead to a production Hummer H4

* Places::* British NVC community H4, "Ulex gallii - Agrostis curtisii" heath:* Hyperbolic 4 dimensions, referring to a hyperbolic universe with four dimensions (three spatial and one time):* Lycée Henri-IV (or "HIV" pronounced "H4"), a public high school in Paris, France

* Status::* H-4 visa (commonly known as H4 visa), status granted to the immediate family members (spouse and children under 21) of the H-1B visa holders

* Film::* "", a horror film commonly abbreviated H4.

* other ::* H4 Dansteed Way, a road in Milton Keynes grid road system:* ATC code H04, a section of the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System:* Highway H04 (Ukraine), a :* Histamine H4 receptor, a human gene:* Histone H4, a component of DNA higher structure in eukaryotic cells:* Disorders of lacrimal system code:* H4 (Protocol) is a transport protocol for HCI packets over UART

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