List of newspapers in Trinidad and Tobago


This list of newspapers in Trinidad and Tobago is a list of newspapers printed and distributed in the Trinidad and Tobago. It includes a list of daily newspapers, weekly and specialty newspapers, community newspapers and magazines published in Trinidad and Tobago.

Trinidad and Tobago has three (3) national newspapers.

Trinidad and Tobago newspapers

National daily newspapers

  • Trinidad Express Newspapers, national,

35-37 Independence Square, Port of Spain (North Office, Production House)[1]

22-24 St. Vincent Street, Port of Spain (North Office)[1]

  • Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday, national,

19-21 Chacon Street, Port of Spain (North Office) [1]

Weekly and specialty newspapers

  • TnT Mirror, Nineth Street & Nineth Avenue, Barataria, [2][1]
  • Showtime Newspaper, Nineth Street & Nineth Avenue, Barataria (North Office)[1]
  • Sunday Punch Newspaper, Nineth Street & Nineth Avenue, Barataria (North Office)[1]
  • Blast Newspaper, 5-6 Hingoo Lands, San Juan [1]
  • Bomb Newspaper, Southern Main Rd & Clifford St. Curepe [1]
  • Hello Small Business & Tradesman News, [1]
  • The Probe [3]
  • The Independent, 20 Abercromby Street, Port of Spain [3]
  • The Weekend Heat, Southern Main Road, Curepe [4]
  • The Catholic News [5]

Tobago newspapers

  • Tobago News, TIDCO Mall, Scarborough [2][1]
  • Tobago Pillar, U Turn Mall, Wilson Road, Scarborough, Tobago[1]

Monthly journals

  • Trinidad and Tobago Review, Trinidad & Tobago Institute of the West Indies at Tapia House

82-84 St. Vincent Street, Tunapuna [1]


  • the Westerly
  • Living World Journal
  • TT NRG - Local Publication on Oil & Gas
  • UWI Today
  • Island Sports and Fitness
  • Tobago Today
  • Trinidad-Tobago Net
  • St Augustine News - UWI
  • Abstract Magazine
  • Zorce Racing Magazine
  • Ranting trini
  • Critical Analysis
  • Trin Mag
  • Just Comics and More
  • Comic Publisher
  • The Draft
  • Boca - Marine and Yachting Magazine
  • Caribbean Beat - Caribbean Airlines inflight magazine
  • Exporter
  • Caribbean E-Business Magazine
  • Vox
  • Executive Time
  • Discover Trinidad & Tobago
  • Topsoil Magazine

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