Machatas (Greek: Μαχάτας or Μαχατᾶς , warrior,fighter) was a common North-West Greek name.(LSJ-Attic: [ machêtês] )(Aeolic: machaitas) (Laconian: machatar).

*Machatas Macedonian son of Derdas and father of Philip and Harpalus (4th c.BC)
*Machatas Aetolian ambassador (late 3th c.BC)
*Machatas Epirote son of the elder and father of younger Charops (early 2th c.BC)
*Machatas sculptor , signatures of him have been found in Acarnania [Machatas sculptor - ancient Anactorion or Echinos [] - [] ]
*Machatas of Eordea early 5th BC [Machatas of Eordea [] ] (oldest inscription of the name)
*Machatas (son of Sabattaras) from Europus. Macedonian proxenos in Delphi [325-300 BC [] - c.300 BC [] ]


* [ Machatas] - Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology

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