South Carolina Democratic primary, 2008

The 2008 South Carolina Democratic presidential primary took place on January 26, 2008. Senator Barack Obama of Illinois won the primary's popular vote by a 28.9% margin.

For both parties in 2008, South Carolina's was the first primary in a Southern state and the first primary in a state in which African Americans make up a sizable percentage of the electorate. For Democrats, it was also the last primary before 22 states host their primaries or caucuses on February 5, 2008 (Super Tuesday).

South Carolina's 45 delegates to the 2008 Democratic National Convention are awarded proportionally based on the results of the primary. The state also has nine superdelegates. [cite web| url =| title = CNN Election Center 2008: Primary Results]



*New York Senator Hillary Clinton
*Former North Carolina Senator John Edwards
* Former Alaska Senator Mike Gravel
* Illinois Senator Barack Obama


* Delaware Senator Joe Biden "Dropped out on January 4 2008 [ cite web| url =| title = Obama, Huckabee win Iowa ]
* Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd "Dropped out on January 4 2008
* New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson "Dropped out on January 10 2008 [ cite web| url =| title = New Mexico Gov. Richardson drops out of '08 Race ]
* Ohio Representative Dennis Kucinich "Dropped out on January 25 2008" [ cite web| url =| title = Kucinich Drops Out ]
* New York Comedian Stephen Colbert "Denied Ballot (13-3) on November 1 2007 [ cite web| url =| title = SC Democrats reject Colbert's candidacy ] and dropped out November 5 2007 [ cite web| url =| title = Colbert on Democratic Rejection ]

Campaign Finances

On the day of the South Carolina primary, Senator John Edwards lead in fund raising from the state of South Carolina, followed by Barack Obama and Bill Richardson.

Obtained from CNN as of January 26 2008 [ cite web| url =| title = CNN

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