SD Gundam Capsule Fighter

(SDGO) SD Gundam Capsule Fighter is a MMOFPS that allows players to take command of Units involving all gundam eras such as: Universal Century, Seed, Mobile Fighter G Gundam and many more, and battle it out in a gameplay similar to the PC game Exteel

January 4th 2008, Shanghai-based game company 9You today announced its licensing agreement with Bandai Korea to operate online action casual game SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online (SD Online) in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau.

At this time there is no news of an international release. There are rumors however of a Japanese release but not much is known.

9you now has a website available for SDGO, The game is now in beta but to play 9you games you are now required to have a Chinese ID


The game is played through multiplayer matches of up to 8 players, or co-op missions of up to 4 players. Multiplayer matches provide rewards of points (in-game currency) and experience, with bonuses for the winning team or players, and additional bonuses based on game length. Mission rewards are randomized, and may sometimes include additional items.

Mobile suits can be obtained via rental, random purchase through capsules (hence the title), and through mixing. Mixing requires the purchase of a Mixing Plan, a fully upgraded "key" mobile suit, and a number of specific component suits that get discarded during mixing.

The strength of a mobile suit is described by its rank. C ranks are the weakest and most common, having four lives in multiplayer games. B ranks have three lives, but are more difficult to obtain. A ranks are the strongest suits, but have only two lives. Some mobile suits have rare CR, BR, and AR variants, which can only be capsuled, and have different weapons or abilities. Additionally, there are CS, BS, and AS mobile suits, which are similar, but can only be acquired through mixing.

Mobile suits are further categorized into rock, paper, and scissor types, with a self-explanatory relationship. Rocks are traditionally oriented toward hand-to-hand combat, whereas papers are long-range, and scissors are multi-role.

There is a high degree of customization available in the game. The player can purchase paint sets and stickers to change the appearance of mobile suits, and tweak their stats slightly. Especially rare items, such as red paint, extra storage, operators, and room themes, however, are unattainable with in-game currency, and can only be purchased with Korean money.

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