Louis or Louÿs may refer to the given English and French name Louis, or the following:


* Louis, 7th duc de Broglie, French physicist and Nobel Prize laureate
* Louis, Duke of Savoy, the Duke of Savoy from 1440 to 1465
* Louis I of Hungary, King of Hungary and Poland in the late 14th century
* Louis II, Holy Roman Emperor, eldest son of the emperor Lothair I
* Louis II, Prince of Monaco, the Sovereign Prince of Monaco from 26 June 1922 until 9 May 1949
* Louis II de Bourbon, Prince de Condé, the most celebrated representative of the Condé branch of the Bourbon dynasty of France
* Louis II of Hungary and Bohemia, King of Bohemia and Hungary from 1516 to 1526
* Louis III of France, king of Western Francia
* Louis IV, Holy Roman Emperor, son of Louis II
* Louis IV of France, king of France from 936 to 954
* Louis V of France, son of the Frankish king Lothair and his wife Emma
* Louis VI of France, King of France from 1108 to 1137
* Louis VI the Roman, the second son of the emperor Louis IV the Bavarian from his second wife Margaret of Holland
* Louis VII of France, King of France from 1137 to 1180
* Louis VIII of France, King of France from 1223 to 1226
* Louis IX of France, King of France from 1226 until his death
* Louis X of France, King of France from 1314 to 1316
* Louis XI of France, King of France
* Louis XII of France, King of France
* Louis XIII of France, King of France from 1610 to 1643
* Louis XIV of France, King of France and of Navarre from May 14, 1643 until his death just prior to his seventy-seventh birthday
* Louis XV of France, King of France from 1715 until his death
* Louis XVI of France, King of France and Navarre from 1774 until 1791
* Louis XVII of France, the son of King Louis XVI of France and Marie Antoinette
* Louis XVIII of France, King of France and Navarre from 1755 until his death in 1824
* Louis XIX of France, King of France and Navarre for twenty minutes in 1830 before his abdication
* Louis of Spain, the eldest son of Philip V of Spain by his first Queen consort Maria Louisa of Savoy
* Louis René Édouard, cardinal de Rohan, French bishop of Strasbourg, politician, and cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church
* Louis the Child, the last true Carolingian ruler of East Francia
* Louis the German, the third son of the emperor Louis the Pious and his first wife
* Louis the Pious, Emperor and King of the Franks from 814 to his death
* Louis the Stammerer, the eldest son of Charles the Bald and Ermentrude of Orléans
* Louis I, Grand Duke of Hesse
* Louis II, Grand Duke of Hesse
* Louis III, Grand Duke of Hesse
* Louis IV, Grand Duke of Hesse
* Charles Louis Napoléon Bonaparte, the last Emperor of the French from 1852 until 1870


* Louis (artist), a Korean pop singer
* Louis Armstrong, American jazz musician
* Louis Jordan, pioneering American jazz, blues and rhythm & blues musician and songwriter
* Louis, Serbian world, jazz and folk musician
* Louis XIV (band), indie rock band
* Louis Walsh, Irish popular music manager and minor celebrity
* Louis Logic, American underground rapper
* Louis Pelliter American opera singer *died of aids from Skip Verrick


* Louis Pasteur, French microbiologist and chemist
* Louis Wirth, American sociologist
* Louis Leakey, British paleontologist


* Louis Jani, Canadian judoka
* Louis van Gaal, Dutch football (soccer) player and coach
* Spiridon Louis, Greek marathon racer
* Louis Saha, French professional soccer player


* Louis Wain, painter
* Morris Louis, painter


* Louis (coin), gold coin issued by the kings of France
* Louis Rukeyser, U.S. business columnist, economic commentator, and television personality


* Louis Chevrolet, racing driver and the founder of the Chevrolet Motor Car Company
* Louis Cruise Lines a shipping company in Cyprus
* Louis Gerstner, former Chairman and CEO of IBM corporation


* Louis L'Amour, American author of Western fiction
* Louis de Pointe du Lac, fictional character in the Vampire novels of Anne Rice
* Louis Sachar, American author of children's books
* Pierre Louÿs, French novelist and poet
* Louis, the mute swan and main character from EB White's classic novel The Trumpet of the Swan
* Louis (graphic novel), character in the metaphrog series of graphic novels


* Louis dressing, salad dressing
* Louis Riel, Canadian politician, a founder of Manitoba, and leader of the Métis
* Louis Braille, inventor of braille
* Louis Farrakhan, Afro-American social leader
* Louis Jolliet, French explorer, one of the first Europeans to reach the northern part of the Mississippi River
* Louis Vuitton, French fashion designer
* Louis Michel, Commissioner responsible for Development and Humanitarian Aid.
* Jean Louis, Costume designer
* Louis Quinze, style of architecture, interior decoration, and furniture which characterized the period of Louis XV of France
* Louis the Yard Teacher, character in Sideways Stories From Wayside School
* Lou, the boss of the final guitar battle in Guitar Hero 3.

ee also

* Lewis
* Ludwig
* Luis
* Louisburg
* Louise
* Louisiade
* Louisiana (disambiguation)
* Louisville (disambiguation)
* St. Louis, Missouri

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