Binder (disambiguation)

Binder may refer to:

* Binder (material), a material used to bind other materials together
* A bookbinder
* Reaper-binder, a type of farm equipment or implement, also known as a Corn Binder.
*Binder common name given to the autos and trucks made by International Harvester before 1980. The name was due to the close association with farmers and farm equipment (often the trucks were used with IHC reaper-binders); also called a corn-binder in derogation of the same.
* Binders, a colloquial reference to the brakes on a car, truck, or wagon. Example: "I had to jump on the binders to keep from hitting a deer."
* Ring binder, a device for holding together a stack of papers with punched-in holes
* Microsoft Binder, a discontinued Microsoft Office application
* Binder clip, a primitive device for holding together sheets of paper
* Binder (computer science), any construct that binds a variable to a value (or type, etc.)
* In law, a binder is an agreement enforceable in a court of law. See offer and acceptance.
* Phosphate binders
* Binder (Dungeons & Dragons), a base class in the game
* Binder Twine Festival

Binder in reference to companies:
* Binder+Co, Austrian machine constructor
* Binder, Dijker, Otte & Co
* SpeedBinder

Binder as surname:

See "Binder as surname"

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