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Infobox TV channel
name = Play UK
logosize =
logofile =
logoalt =
launch = 10 October 1998
closed date = 30 September 2002
owner = UKTV (BBC/Virgin Media Television)
former names = UK Play (until Nov 2000)
replaced names = | web =
availability note = At time of closure
terr serv 1 = ITV Digital
(until May 2002)
terr chan 1 = Channel 37 (Multiplex D)
sat serv 1 = Astra 1E analogue
(Between 1am and 7am, until 31 March 2001)
sat chan 1 = Astra 1E, 10.832V
sat serv 2 = Sky Digital
sat chan 2 = 217 (previously 452)
cable serv 1 = NTL
cable chan 1 = Channel 100
cable serv 2 = Telewest
cable chan 2 = Channel 151| |

Play UK (formerly known as UK Play) was a television channel broadcasting in the United Kingdom as part of the UKTV network of channels. The channel was launched (as "UK Play") on 10 October 1998. The channel was aimed at playing (for most of the time) music in the morning and afternoon, while broadcasting comedy in the evening.

Play UK broadcast all day on the digital platforms, but on the Astra 1 (Sky Analogue) satellite system it broadcast between 1am and 7am when UK Horizons was not broadcasting.

It closed on 30 September 2002 due to low ratings because of the closure of ITV Digital in May 2002; also it could not compete with MTV. "Play UK"'s comedy programming was then moved to UK Gold (now G.O.L.D.).

Music Programming

The majority of the music programmes broadcast (quizzes, interviews and compilations) on Play UK were produced by themselves. Play UK also repeated "TOTP2", which was originally broadcast on BBC Two.
* "The Joy of Decks"
* "Mental! - The Music Quiz"
* "The Phone Zone" (music request program using The O Zone branding)
* "The Sound of Play"

Comedy Programming

Most of the comedy programming on Play UK had already been broadcast on the BBC's channels. Play UK also produced original comedy programming and, later on, broadcast American comedy and animation.

Originally produced programming

*Mark and Lard's Pop Upstairs Downstairs
*Rock Profile
*The Chris Moyles Show
*The Mitchell and Webb Situation
*Vic Reeves Examines
*Honky Sausages
*Swivel on the Tip
* Joe's Pop Shop
* The Alphabet Show

Repeated BBC Shows

*Attention Scum!
*Bang Bang, It's Reeves and Mortimer
*Big Train
*Camberwick Green
*The Day Today
*Dr Terrible's House of Horrible
*The Fast Show
*Goodness Gracious Me
*I'm Alan Partridge
*The League of Gentlemen
*The Office
*Shooting Stars
*Sir Bernard's Stately Homes
*Stella Street
*Stressed Eric

American programming

*The Larry Sanders Show

Other Programming

*Miami 7
*L.A. 7

External links

* [ The TV Room] looks at presentation/branding on the UKTV channels

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