Institute of Economics, Academia Sinica

Institute of Economics, Academia Sinica

Academia Sinica Institute of Economics, Mandarin 中央研究院經濟研究所 (IEAS) was officially established February 1, 1970, after nearly seven years of preparation. It is one of the premiere economic research organizations in Taiwan. Early in its history, it focused on local issues, and later, expanded to explore more theoretical issues.

Journals published by IEAS

*Taiwan Economic Forecasts and Policy - Founded in 1970
*Academia Economic Papers - Founded in 1973

ee also

*Academia Sinica
*Economy of Taiwan
*Taiwan Institute of Economic Research
*Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research

External links

* [ Institute of Economics, Academia Sinica - official website (English)]
* [ Institute of Economics, Academia Sinica - official website (Chinese)]
* [ Academia Sinica - official website]

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