List of Northern Territory general elections

List of Northern Territory general elections

This article provides a summary of results for the general elections to the unicameral legislative body of the Northern Territory of Australia, the Northern Territory Legislative Assembly. The assembly consisted of 19 members at its creation in 1974, but was increased to its present size of 25 in 1983.

The table below shows the total number of seats won by the major political parties at each election. The winning party's total is shown in bold. Full details on any election are linked via the year of the election at the start of the row.

YearCLPALPNT NationalsIndependentTotal Seats
2008 Australian_politics/party_colours/Labor width="3px"> 11 13 1 25
2005 Australian_politics/party_colours/Labor width="3px"> 4 19 2 25
2001 Australian_politics/party_colours/Labor/> 10 13 2 25
1997 Australian_politics/party_colours/CLP/> 18 7 25
1994 Australian_politics/party_colours/CLP/> 17 7 1 25
1990 Australian_politics/party_colours/CLP/> 14 9 2 25
1987 Australian_politics/party_colours/CLP/> 16 6 1 2 25
1983 Australian_politics/party_colours/CLP/> 19 6 25
1980 Australian_politics/party_colours/CLP/> 11 7 1 19
1977 Australian_politics/party_colours/CLP/> 12 6 1 19
1974 Australian_politics/party_colours/CLP/> 17 2 19

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