Republican Party (United States) presidential primaries, 1984

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Ronald Reagan--the incumbent President-- was the assured nominee for the Republican Party. He was renominated by a vote of 2,233 (two delegates abstained).

For the only time in American history, the vice presidential roll call was taken concurrently with the presidential roll call. Results:

**George H.W. Bush 2,231
**Jeane J. Kirkpatrick 1
**Jack F. Kemp 1
**Abstaining 2

This was the last time in the 20th century that the Vice Presidential candidate of either major party was nominated by roll call vote.


Popular vote

Primaries popular vote: [ [ Our Campaigns - US President - R Primaries Race - Feb 20, 1984 ] ]
* Ronald Reagan (inc.) - 6,484,987 (98.78%)
* Unpledged delegates - 55,458 (0.85%)
* Harold Stassen - 12,749 (0.19%)

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