Santo Antônio do Rio Abaixo

Santo Antônio do Rio Abaixo is a Brazilian municipality located in the state of Minas Gerais. The city belongs to the mesoregion Metropolitana de Belo Horizonte and to the microregion of Conceição do Mato Dentro.


The birth of a town, with its accumulations of houses occupying a caused an accident space enters the edges of an auriferous river and the hillsides of small mounts, thus appeared Santo Antônio do Rio Abaixo. The expedition that established Santo Antônio do Rio Abaixo composed in Portuguese bandeirantes of the families: Quintão, Duarte, Alvarenga, Oliveira and Bittencourt. The bandeirantes had initiated the gold mining in lands of "Farm Morro Grande", constructing, to the right edge of a river, a chapel for Santo Antônio and also its neighbor, forming, thus, a small town. For having been constructed following chains of waters, it below received the denomination from Saint Antonio of the River. Later, it was raised the category of village and became Inside district of Conceição do Mato Dentro, in 4 of January of 1875. Ones of the great benefactors of the community had been Major Quintão and Silvestre da Costa Lage. It was emancipated in 1º of March of 1963.


In 1695, the bandeirante Borba Gato discovers gold in Sabará. After that, Borba Gato explores the Santo Antônio River, in the Chains city, where it fixes residence (town Borba Gato). With it, other tamers had come and had been finding in abundance, the gold alluvium, in the Santo Antônio River, fix residences in its right edge, giving to origin to the arrayal Santo Antônio do Rio Abaixo. No longer year 1787, with a population settled to the edge of the Santo Antônio River, esteem for top of 400 people, José Ferreira Santiago, it was directed the king asking for license to raise a chapel that served for it and its neighbors. Its order he was accepted in 10 of March of 1788.


The creation of the city of Santo Antônio do Rio Abaixo was given in day 30 of December of 1962. The installation of the same gave in the day 1º of March of 1963. In 30 of June, it had the first elections for mayor, vice-mayor and for the councilmen of the City council, being installed in day 3 of September of 1963.


Situated in the basin of Doce River, Santo Antônio do Rio Abaixo is the 190 km of Belo Horizonte, for MG-010, Br-381 and BR-120. Situated between mounts and mountain range is typical and small city of the interior of Minas Gerais. The more high point of the city is Mount Crystal, with 2425 m of altitude. Santo Antônio River is one of the main rivers of the city, also is found Peixe River and Preto River of the Itambé.


* Mayor: Rilton Carlos de Alvarenda
* Vice-mayor: Jairo Duarte de Azevedo
* Speaker of the house: Flávia Bárbara Faria Duarte.


* Quarter Centro (Beira d'água)
* Quarter Boa Vista
* Quarter Cidade Nova

Public parks

; Avenues

* Avenue Manuel Oliveira Santos
* Avenue Valdir Alvarenga Quintão

; Squares

* Square Alcino Quintão
* Square Joaquim Coelho de Sousa

; Streets
* Street Nelson Edson Porto
* Street Horácio Bittencourt
* Street Major Quintão
* Street Silvestre da Costa Lage
* Street Mestra Josefina Augusta dos Santos
* Street Joaquim Duarte Neto
* Street Joaquim Pereira Chaves
* Street João Paulo de Andrade
* Street Damaso de Azevedo
* Street José Camilo Rodrigues
* Street Antônio de Oliveira Quintão
* Street Dácio de Oliveira Quintão
* Street Bento Oliveira de Araújo
* Street José de Sousa Gomes


Santo Antônio do Rio Abaixo it possesss some attractive tourist ones:


* Crystal Falls
* Chuvisco Falls
* Bahia Falls
* Angico Falls
* Martins Leite Falls
* Limão Falls
* Ribeirão Falls
* Domingo Falls

Fluvial beaches

* Balneal Benedito Martins Leite
* Beach of Tabuleiro
* Beach of Vieiras

Natural swimming pools

* Well of Limão
* Well of Domingo

Country properties

* Farm Barra dos Menezes
* Farm of Bambus
* Farm of Maracujá
* Farm Morro Grande
* Farm of Engenho
* Farm of Pintas
* Farm of Chapada
* Farm of Fonseca
* Farm Engenho Velho
* Farm São Geraldo
* Farm of Claras

; Smallholdings
* Smallholding Córrego of Lages
* Smallholding Bahia
* Smallholding Córrego of Chaves
* Smallholding Paraguay
* Smallholding Morro Grande
* Smallholding Barra dos Menezes
* Smallholding of Quilombo


* Underneath of the Chuvisco falls has one grotto, that it is the great attraction of the waterfall, therefore, can transfer in low of the waterfall without if wetting.

* The “Limão falls”, are in the plural one for cause that these three waterfalls form the well of Limão, the biggest well of the city in depth. They are in one valley, the “valley of the well of Limão", it starts in a river that drains in Santo Antônio River and goes until the end of the well, in this passage has enormous island that he supplies cattle of the farmers next.

* In Bahia falls has eight waterfalls (three cascades and five rapids), but the true waterfall is first of the right side of river.

* The Domingo falls alone is waterfall because of the great well that it has (well of the Domingo), because if it was not this well, would not be waterfall, because at the time of she dries, it is with less of one meter. Another cause is that when arrives at the time of the full one, the river goes up the thick wall of the waterfall and it it can arrive up to ten meters.

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* List of municipalities in Minas Gerais

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