1990s in sociology

The following events related to sociology occurred in the 1990s.


*Zygmunt Bauman's "Thinking Sociologically" is published.
*James Coleman's "Foundations of Social Theory" is published.
*Troy Duster's "Backdoor To Eugenics" is published.
*Mike Featherstone's, Mike Hepworth's and Bryan Turner's "" is published.
*Ian Hacking's "The Taming of Chance" is published.
*Ian Hacking's "Scientific Revolutions" is published.
*Nicole Lapierre's "The Silence of the Memory "is published and wins the Bulzoni Editore Special Award.
*M. Rainer Lepsius' and Wolfgang J. Mommsen's (ed.) "Max Weber" is published and wins the European Amalfi Prize for Sociology and Social Sciences.
*Chen Liangjin's "Social Developmental Mechanisms and Social Security Functions" is published.
*Niklas Luhmann's "The Science of Society" is published.
*John B. Thompson's "" is published.
*Paul Willis's "" is published.
*William Julius Wilson serves as the president of the ASA.


*August 1: Norbert Elias


*Theodor Adorno's "Culture Industry Reconsidered" is published.
*Cornelius Castoriadis' "Philosophy, Politics and Autonomy" is published.
*William H Chafe's "The Unfinished Journey" is published.
*Louis Dumont's "" is published and wins the European Amalfi Prize for Sociology and Social Sciences.
*Clive Emsley's "" is published.
*Ron Eyerman's and Andrew Jamison's "" is published.
*Ann Game's "Towards a deconstructive sociology" is published.
*Steven Goldberg's "When Wish Replaces Thought: Why So Much of What You Believe Is False" is published.
*Harvie Ferguson's "" is published.
*Anthony Giddens' "Modernity and Self Identity" is published.
*Donna Haraway's "A Cyborg Manifesto" is published.
*Nicos Panayiotou Mouzelis's "" is published.
*Philippe Sarasin's "Die Stadt der Bürger" is published and wins the Bulzoni Editore Special Award.
*Stanley Lieberson serves as president of the ASA.


*June 28/June 29: Henri Lefebvre
*August 21: Oswald von Nell-Breuning


*Pierre Bourdieu's and Loic Wacquant's "An invitation to Reflexive Sociology" is published.
*Shmuel Noah Eisenstadt's "" is published.
*Stuart Hall's, David Held's and Tony Mcgrew's "Modernity and its Futures" is published.
*Stuart Hall's "New Ethnicites" is published.
*David Lockwood's "" is published.
*Niklas Luhmann's "Observations of modern trends" is published.
*Sal Restivo's "Mathematics in Society and History" is published.
*Richard Skellington's and Paulette Morris's (eds.) "Race in Britain Today" is published.
*Carlo Triglia's ""
*James Coleman serves as president of the ASA


*Steven Goldberg's "Why Men Rule" is published.
*Jean-François Lyotard's "Towards The Postmodern" is published.
*Michael Mann's "The Sources of Social Power" (Volume 2) is published.
*Michel Maffesoli's "" is published.
*Ralph Miliband's "Socialism for a Sceptical Age" is published.
*George Ritzer's "The McDonaldization of Society" is published.
*Renato Rosaldo's "Culture and Truth" is published.
*Charles Tilly's "European Revolutions, 1492–1992" is published and wins the European Amalfi Prize for Sociology and Social Sciences the next year.


*Raymond Boudon's "" is published.
*Nigel Dodd's "The Sociology of Money" is published.
*Clifford Geertz's "The Uses of Diversity" is published.
*Anthony Giddens' "Beyond Left and Right" is published.
*Deborah Lupton's "" is published.
*Angela McRobbie's "Postmodernism and popular culture" is published.
*Charles Murray's "The Bell Curve" is published.
*Viviana Zeliver's "The Social Meaning of Money" is published.


*Ulrich Beck's "Ecological Politics in the Age of Risk" is published.
*Raymond Boudon's "Le Juste et le vrai" is published.
*Colin Crouch's "" is published.
*Francois Furet's " is published.
*Ernest Gellner's "Nationalism Observed" is published.
*Ian Hacking's "" is published.
*David Hollinger's "" is published.
*Christopher Lasch's "The Revolt of the Elites and the Betrayal of Democracy" is published.
*Sarah Nettleton's "Sociology of Health and Illness" is published.
*Charles Tilly's "Popular contention in Great Britain, 1758-1834 is published.
*John B. Thompson's "" is published.


*Tim Dant's "Fetishism and the social value of objects" is published.
*Stuart Hall's and Paul Du Gay's "Questions of cultural identity" is published.
*Stevi Jackson's and Sue Scott's "Feminism and Sexuality" is published.
*Richard Jenkins' "Social Identity" is published.
*David Lee's and Bryan Turner's "" is published.
*Serge Latouche's "The Westernisation of the World" is published.
*Andrew W. Metcalfe's and Ann Game's "Passionate Sociology" is published.
*Michel Maffesoli's "The Time of Tribes - the Decline of Individualism in Mass Society" is published.
*Anna Pollert's "The Poverty of Patriarchy" is published.
*Alejandro Portes' and Rubén Rumbaut's "" is published.
*Cyril Smith (marxist)'s "Marx at the millennium" is published.
*John Solomos' and Les Back's "Racism and Society" is published.
*Bryan Turner's "The Body and Society" is published.
* is first published by Hank Johnston.


*Jean Baudrillard's "A Conjuration of Imbeciles" is published.
*Ulrich Beck's "The Reinvention of Politics" is published.
*Michael Bury's "Health and Illness in a changing society" is published.
*Stuart Hall's (ed.) "" is published.
*Niklas Luhmann's "The Society of Society" is published and wins the European Amalfi Prize for Sociology and Social Sciences.
*Charles Murray's "IQ and Economic Success is published.
*Chris Shilling's "The Body and Social Theory" is published.
*Beverley Skeggs's "" is published.
*Sylvia Walby's "Gender Transformations" is published.
*Katherine Woodward's "Identity and Difference" is published.
*Slavoj Zizek's "Multi-culturalism" or "The Cultural Logic of Multi-national Capitalism" is published.
*Neil Smelser serves as president of the ASA.


*Ulrich Beck's "World Risk Society" is published.
*Manuel Castells' "" is published.
*Anthony Giddens' "The Third Way" is published.
*Ian Hacking's "Mad Travellers" is published.
*Ron Eyerman's and Andrew Jamison's "" is published.
*Serge Latouche's "Other Africa, between gift and market" is published.
*Richard Sennett's "" is published.
*Alain Touraine's "Comment sortir du libéralisme" is published.


*David Byrne's "Social Exclusion" is published.
*Colin Crouch's "Social Change in Western Europe" is published.
*Mairtin Mac An Ghaill's "Contemporary racisms and ethnicities" is published.
*Germaine Greer's "The Whole Woman" is published.
*Ian Hacking's "The Social Construction of What?" is published.
*Charles Murray's "The Underclass Revisited" is published.
*Susan Moller Okin's "Is Multiculturalism Bad For Women?" is published.
*Anne Phillips' "Which equalities matter?" is published.
*Alejandro Portes serves as president of the American Sociological Association

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