Kya Dill Mein Hai

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show_name = Kya Dil Mein Hai
format = Drama
picture_format = 480i (SDTV),
runtime = approx. 1 hr.
creator = Ekta Kapoor
Director = Garry Bhinder
design = Syed Anwaar Gilani
starring = see below
opentheme = "Kya Dill Mein Hai" by Pamela Jain
country = IND
language = Hindi
network = 9X
first_aired = December 1, 2007
last_aired = present
num_seasons =
num_episodes = 80
website =

"Kya Dil Mein Hai" is a Hindi TV serial that aired on 9X from Friday to Saturday for 1 hour. The serial started in December 2007.


[] This passionate drama is about a Bengali girl, Kaakon, who loses her heart to the man of her dreams.The lovely Abigail, Ekta Kapoor’s new find, plays the lead role of a girl named Kaakon (Abigail), who goes against her parents’ wishes and marries the handsome Anurag (Aamir Ali). Kaakon’s marriage has in store for her a lot of surprises that will take her through a roller coaster ride, but nothing will stop her from loving the man of her dreams, for she firmly believes in love against all odds. The drama depicts the journey of this Indian woman as she faces life’s realities. It portrays her as a strong and brave woman who, when put through trying times, will go against her inherited traditional values to fight for her rights. Kya Dill Mein Hai is about setting yourself free and moving ahead in today’s India. Says Abigail, “I am delighted and fortunate to have got the biggest break anybody could ever have got – with Ekta Kapoor and with 9X. I love the story of Kya Dill Mein Hai, and I am looking forward to the wonderful role I have got to play as Kaakon.”


Kakoon was brought up with great values and traditions. She was made to believe that Love happens only after marriage and with the person chosen by her family. But the entry of Anurag shakes her belief and values. She ends up falling in Love with Anurag. With the blessings of only her mother she marries Anurag in a simple ceremony in temple. After the marriage, Anurag goes off on his business to Amritsar and promises to return soon at right time. But fatefully, before this is conveyed to the whole family by her mother, she meets with an accident and eventually dies. Now its upon Kakoon to tell everyone about her secret marriage with her mother's blessings. But as expected, noone believes her and eventually she is thrown out of the house. She faces the worst truth of her life that she is not actually a biological child of her parents. She was given away to her parents along with a piece of land by some lady.All through this Anurag does not turn up. So she comes to Amritsar in search of him. She also finds him, but he is Rahul and not Anurag. Now, the truth unfolds in front of Kakoon that Rahul and his girlfriend Naina cheated Kakoon to marry anurag(who is actually Rahul Punj) for the same piece of land that Kakoon got from some lady who gave her away. Shattered Kakoon is unable to face the truth and tries to Commit suicide. She is saved by Aman who helps her gives her strength and courage to fight injustice done to her. She ends up cheating Rahul and marrying him! It happens so that with Aman's help she comes into the family of Rahul and tries to win his heart. She later finds out that Aman is none other than Rahul's own brother who came out of the family after his father became the reason for Aman's lover's death.Kakoon adopts every mean to win Rahul from Naina and she also is successful in doing the same. But at the same time she comes to know that Naina's mother is her own mother. She was born to her before her marriage. So if she accepts Rahul's love she will end up breaking her sister's heart. So she tries to push Rahul away from herself and tries to pair him up with Naina. To make Rahul marry Naina she decides to Marry Aman. Aman is secretly in love with Kakoon but seems not wanting to interfere with her love for Rahul.On the marriage day of Rahul & Naina and Kakoon and Aman, Naina comes to know that Kakoon is her own sister and so she now wants to unite the lovers Rahul and Kakoon. For this she seeks the help of Aman who ends up killing her for his love for Kakoon and makes sure that Rahul is the one to blame. Aman's Marriage with Kakoon is also over. Rahul is arrested for Naina's murder.Aman is acting like a great brother and is fooling around everyone in the family that he will save Rahul at any cost. Currently Aman who is also a lawyer is fighting the case for Rahul in the court. He is planning to loose the case deliberately so that Rahul does not interfere in his life with Kakoon. Kakoon is believing that Rahul has killed her sister.The prosecution lawyer's name is also Naina. She has been hired by deceased Naina's family to fight it out against Rahul and hang him.

Update: Naina has seconds thoughts about Rahul really being the killer, and finds out that he's not. She tells Kakoon everything. For Rahul's hearing, Naina doesn't fight for the case, and Rahul is currently released from prison and returns home. Aman is upset, and Kakoon is happy that Rahul is back home and she goes to see Aman to give him a present for winning Rahul's case. But Aman isn't there. Instead she finds her sister's phone and finds out that Aman has killed her sister, Naina.


Kaakon 's Family – The GhoshGhosh Babu : Ghosh Babu is the grandfather. He is one of the most respectable men in society.Ghosh Babu is a very principled man and would not hesitate from severing even blood ties for his principles. Ghosh Babu is an exponent of classical music and has passed his legacy to hisgranddaughter Kaakon. He is the proud owner of a publishing house.

Bijoy (Gosh Babu's son in law and Kaakon's father): Bijoy is a ghar jamai. He is a welleducated man who has established Gosh Babu's business after it suffered a huge loss. Bijoy is a man of his word and treats everyone with equality. For him, all that matters is unity in the family. Bijoy can do anything for his family. And more than anybody else, he believes in love and morals.

Kajal (Kaakon's mother and Ghosh Babu's daughter): Kajal is a mother in whom her daughters and niece can confide . Everyone feels free to share their secrets with her. More than a mother, Kajal is like a friend tothem.

Kaakon: Kaakon is a law student who is extremely smart and can come out of any given situation using her intellect. Kaakon is like her grandfather. Everyone likes her for her straight forwardness.Ghosh Babu depends emotionally on Kaakon.

Rahul's Family – The Punjs

Biji (Daadi): Brij Rani, the grandmother, had taken on the responsibility of managing herfamily and business after her husband passed away. She is a dignified person and can readthrough any situation and character, but doesn't react loudly. She is subtle by nature and verydiplomatic.

Rajeev (Brij Rani's elder son): Rajeev got into the family business at a very young age as he hadto help his mother. He is a family man, but when it comes to business, he is shrewd andmanipulative and driven to ensure success.

Sukaniya (Rajeev's wife): Sukaniya is a working woman. She manages the home and helps with the business as well. Sukaniya is very close to her younger son, Rahul. They share a great bond and are like buddies. She misses her second son Aman greatly.

Siddarth (Rajeev and Sukaniya's elder son): Siddarth is an introvert, he speaks to the point, and onlywhen required. He wants to make his dad proud of him. His wife on the other hand is sly and clever and wants her husband to own all the punj property and wealth.

Rahul aka Anurag (Rajeev and Sukaniya’s younger son): Rahul has it all – looks, panache, a greatpersonality, and an incredible sense of humor. He is smart and a real charmer. He fathers son and pride. He loves his childhood sweetheart Naina greatly and will do anything for her.

Aman (the second son): Aman is a musician and lawyer. He stays away from his family because of personal issue bu loves his mother greatly and continues to see her. He is mother's fave. Through the journey Aman helps Kakoon get her right and also falls in love with her.

Naina Baseen: The love of Rahul aka Anurag. She grew up knowing the Punj family and loving Rahul. The most important thing in her lfe is Rahul and her dream project. She thinks only with her brain and does not let her heart interfere in any of her jobs.

Naina Oberoi : Prosecution Lawyer against Rahul in Naina Baseen's murder case.


* Abigail Pandey ... Kaakon

* Aamir Ali ... Anurag / Rahul Punj

* Kritika Singhal ... Naina Baseen (Rahul's ex-girlfriend & Kakoon's sister, Killed by Aman)

* Sanjeeda Sheikh ... Naina Oberoi

* Deepak Quzi ... Ghosh Babu (Kakoon's grandfather)

* Anita Hassanandani ... Tapur (Kakoon's cousin, Aniket's wife)

* Pawan Chopra ... Dinesh Baseen (Naina's father)

* Krystle D'Souza ... Tamanna (Tanu, Rahul's younger sister)

* Anand Suryavanshi ... Aniket (Tapur's husband)

* Sandeep Rajora ... Siddharth (Rahul's elder broher & Preity's husband)

* Mridul Singhvi ... Aman (Rahul's brother, friend & helper of Kakoon)

* Sudha Chandran ... Rajeswari Devi (Naina's grandmother)

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